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Love Old and New

We’ve been enjoying a lot of new recipes this past week, along with some oldies but goodies:

New: “From Oh She Glows Every Day”, Fusilli Lentil Mushroom Bolognese. This was a tasty dish, and I would make it again, although I found it to be similar to Isa’s Lentil-Roni, which is a little easier to make, with fewer ingredients.

Old: From “Isa Does It”, Dilly Stew with Dumplings. Ethan really loves this one, especially the dumplings. I make 1 1/2 batches of those which gives us enough for dinner plus leftovers, and yet they still fit in the pot for steaming. I’m not a fan of rosemary, so I do use dill or thyme instead of the rosemary in the dumplings. Honestly, you probably don’t need anything additional in them.

New: From “OneGreenPlanet.org”, Vegan Crab Cakes and French Fries. I’ve done the crab cakes just baked, and they are fine that way, just a bit drier. They are, obviously, better fried, but then you get all the fat. My edits: I don’t cook my own garbanzo beans; I use 2 cans. Rather than grinding up my crackers, I use panko or bread crumbs. And I’ve never had luck finding dulse flakes, so I substitute Old Bay.

For the fries… I have been using my new air fryer (a Christmas gift from my hubby). I’m getting better as it as I use it more, but the fries were quite delicious and Ethan asked for them more often. The instructions say to toss the potatoes in oil, which I do NOT do, and it’s actually not necessary at all.  I think the intent is to keep them from sticking (the potato starch can make them stick together). I have found the trick is to dry the potatoes off well before starting, and to mix the potatoes periodically during baking.

Old: From “Isa Does It”, Wild Rice Soup with Seitan Strips. I think this soup is delicious, as does the family. It’s tough finding Isa’s recipes online, so this link is a modification of the original. What’s missing is the Seitan strips. While you could make the soup without the seitan, and really not miss it, I do find it adds a little something. I simply cut the strips and fry in a non-stick pan until browned – then just throw in the soup.

New: I have to say that “Isa Does It” probably IS my favorite cookbook. Tonight we tried her Chipotle Oyster Mushroom Tacos and they were fabulous. Definitely one of my new favorites. Ethan and David both really enjoyed them also. I loved the texture of the oyster mushrooms. If you don’t like mushrooms because of mushy texture, these might be the ones to try, as they stayed pretty firm after cooking. This one definitely goes into the rotation!

Two more Isa recipes on tap for the rest of the week: New: Lentil Quinoa Stew and Old: White Wine Risotto! Yum!  I highly recommend this particular book for purchase. It’s become well-worn from much use.

IMDb: Love Old and New (1961)



Without Evidence

Wednesday morning was my yearly follow up with my surgeon.  I sort of don’t understand why he needs to see me every year, since I would think the follow ups would be handled by my oncologist and radiologist, but it was explained to me that it’s best to have 3 people checking me out. The more, the better, apparently, to ensure no one misses anything.

The visit was none eventful, but always great to hear the words “no evidence of disease”.  My bp was a healthy 108/64, they were happy to see I was down 10 pounds since my last visit, and I was dismayed to find out I am an inch shorter than I thought I was!  5’5″.  I’m not sure where this all happened, since I can’t remember the last time I was officially measured.  Maybe it was at my last visit last year, but I guess that’s why my son towers over me now!  He got taller and I got shorter.

The surgeon did bring up reconstruction and promised that he will do so every year. He said it’s not to apply pressure, but to remind me that the option is always there. I’m still pretty adamant that it’s not worth the additional trauma to my already-traumatized body, but understand his need to bring it up.  He was not surprised to hear that I had given up on the Femara and was supportive of that decision. I’m grateful for a good report and a boring visit.


Thursday was my quarterly visit to my naturalist.  Things were pretty good, although we did focus on hormone balance (I assume that will always be a topic of discussion!), detox of the lymphatic system due to pesticides that showed up in my scan (more on that in my next post), emotional support (primarily due to grief), and a new topic: memory. I continue to really struggle with short term memory in particular since chemo. It seems to be a bit worse of late, which is worrisome and bothersome, so I am glad to be focusing on that.  More details on this, as well, in my next post.


New recipe from Forks Over Knives: Italian White Bean, Kale and Potato Stew.  It was really easy to make and my family loved it!


IMDb: Without Evidence (1995)