When I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer just a few short weeks after my 50th birthday, I wondered if I would make it to 60. I knew so little about breast cancer and that diagnosis (along with the facing surgery, chemo, radiation, and more) scared the bejeezus out of me. I was not (and am not) ready to depart this world, but I didn’t know what the future would bring.

I stand here before you now, having reached my 60th birthday and breathing a sigh of relief. This is a big deal to me, especially after this year’s earlier scare and surgery! I made it! It’s been a crazy, challenging, yet wonderful 10 years. But I made it.

I feel great and am fully recovered from my February surgery. That lingering cough is all but gone. I am back to walking a few miles every day. For the most part, I have had no big impacts from that loss of a piece of my lung. Big hills and lots of stairs…? I miss it then!

I’m trying to enjoy every day and I most certainly appreciate every day. Feeling blessed.

Whew. I made it.

Bring on 70!

IMDb: Sixty (Short 2017)

8 thoughts on “Sixty

  1. So glad 60 is here for you. I’m sure glad you’re here too. Who would have thought those many years ago when we met, we’d be looking at 58/60. Happy Birthday!

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