The Nightmare Before Christmas

Monday vibes.

As my five new incisions heal and stitches dissolve, I can’t help but envision myself as a bit like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lose a body part, stitch it all back together.

The incisions are healing nicely, but with healing comes itching and tightening and a bit of nerve pain. Occasionally, I feel like I’m being tased in my rib cage (or as I imagine tasing to feel like…) and those nerve pains are totally unpredictable.

The incision on my back is the only one with “real stitches” that one get removed until my appointment later in the month. For now, they stick out through my clothing and look like I have a spider on my back.

Weirdly, they are blue stitches and all my photos look like I drew them in with a ball point pen!

Hey, whatever it takes to hold us all together, right?

IMDb: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

One thought on “The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. Hi Michele, glad you are holding it all together, but sorry for the itchiness and pain. I guess it’s a bit of “no pain no gain” and an indication that you are healing. You will soon be past this. You have such a great attitude! Mary Lou V

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