The Phoenix

Like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes…

is my Fit Bit One!

When we were getting ready for our vacation in Maine back in July, I tried to charge my Fit Bit. Since we would be doing a lot of walking/hiking, I thought it would be nice to know just how far we were going each day. Unfortunately, my Fit Bit had other ideas. It was dead. It wouldn’t charge, and nothing would display on the little screen.

Keep in mind, my Fit Bit One is about 4 years old, maybe even older. So this didn’t really surprise me and I just tossed it into the basket where I keep my mail and other papers. End of story.

Until today, as I was sitting down reading emails and having a cup of coffee, I could hear this buzzing sound. Bzz bzz. Bzz bzz…. Hey! They sounds like MY FIT BIT!  So I dig to the bottom of the pile of papers and, sure enough, it is alive and well.  I have no clue what made it start working again, but the Phoenix reference seemed appropriate. So happy to be reunited.  🙂  By the way, the buzzing was from the silent alarms.

Now, to start burning up the steps!!

As an aside, I found so many interesting quotes on the Internet referencing the Phoenix.  I thought this one fit me best as I continue to pursue my new passions!


IMDb: The Phoenix (2013)