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It’s that time again! That day when we throw caution to the dietary winds, indulging in pizza, wings, chips, dip, and all sorts of unhealthy, yet delicious, foods. Yes, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.

We don’t typically make a big deal of the big game, although we do always watch. Our football viewing has waned over the years and, honestly, I don’t really care who wins. I will usually root for the underdogs, just because, but I think that’s the Bucs this year, and Tom Brady… So I’m torn! I guess I’ll be “that person” who just hopes it’s a good (i.e., close/interesting) game.

With the intention of making our food choices a bit more interesting, I went searching for a healthier pizza option and found a recipe using polenta as the pizza crust. Move over, cauliflower! The recipe is from the Jazzy Vegetarian Classics cookbook, but true to form, I have modified it quite a bit (no oil, different seasonings, added olives, etc.).

I have to say, it was quite yummy, and totally healthy. No added fat, with a healthy grain, fresh tomatoes, and the wonderful tang of artichokes and kalamata olives. Here’s my version: Polenta Pizza with Artichokes. So good! Enjoy!

For full transparency, we will be eating a not-so-healthy spinach and artichoke dip later… 🙂 Enjoy whatever your indulgence is today. Luckily the Super Bowl is only one day a year.

May your team win!

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