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Horton Hears A Who

First of all, let me apologize for skipping a day yesterday. I broke my streak of 21 days in a row and I certainly had it on my mind to write yesterday. However, we decided to do a family game night and that certainly seemed more important. For anyone interested in a good game, we played Catan for the first time. Excellent strategic game, even if it does take a few minutes to figure out for the first time!

Yesterday I had my quarterly appointment for my hearing aid. I have been mostly skipping these because there has been no real wear and tear on my hearing aid. As most of my readers know, I started wearing a hearing aid in my left ear in 2015. It is believed that I had nerve damage to my ear from chemotherapy, similar to how some people get neuropathy in their hands or feet.

The first time I wore it, I was amazed at how certain sounds were ridiculous evident… The turn signal on my car blinked REALLY loudly. When I walked into work, the click-clacking of everyone’s keyboards was so annoying. But what happened over time is that my brain got used to those sounds and started to filter them out. Yea, brain!! It’s kind of fascinating that how your brain just gets used to what’s important to hear and what isn’t.

With the pandemic, I haven’t really been wearing my hearing aid much. (Ok, at all…) I have heard stories of people who lost their hearing aids when removing their masks. At $3700 for one aid, there’s no way I want to risk losing it. Also, I’m home all day. David is working; Ethan is doing his college thing. So there isn’t much to listen to. A hearing aid can cause discomfort; for me, it bothered the bone behind my ear, so it was just more comfortable to not wear it.

Since I had an appointment, I thought I should try to wear it a few days beforehand. Oh boy! What a difference. It was right back to those loud sounds from Day One in 2015. We have a new humidifier in the house and suddenly, all I could hear was “whoosh”ing, and all sorts of other mechanical sounds. It was like I was starting from scratch.

When I don’t wear it, despite the comfort, I do tend to struggle with background noises more often. Those noises block my ability to hear my family speaking, especially if the noise is in between us. And I’m sure they get tired of hearing me say “I can’t hear you.” I also hear things, usually those mechanical sounds, that I can’t identify and it drives me a little batty, a bit like Horton!

When I return in April, I will have a hearing test to see if my hearing has worsened at all. I think I was supposed to have that yesterday but for whatever reason he said he couldn’t do it. It ended up being a pointless trip, but at least I got a reminder about why it’s important to wear my hearing aid more often.

This cold, cold day was perfect for some Vegan Stew and Dumplings! Nothing beats dumplings with some nice gravy and veggies! Enjoy!

IMDb: Horton Hears a Who (2008)