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I finally received my DEXA scan results. The doctor’s office left me a voicemail message the other day saying, and I quote, “The results were, I guess, ok.”  Hmmm.  You guess?  The recommendation on the voicemail was to take calcium with Vitamin D, 500 mg, if I wasn’t already. I do take D3 on a daily basis (unless I know I’m going to be out in the sun). I do not take a calcium supplement and was disappointed to hear the recommendation. I pride myself on my diet and thought I was getting enough calcium.

I awaited my own copy of my results to see what “I guess ok” translated into. The DEXA scans were of my left hip/femoral neck, lumbar spine, and left forearm. Compared to my scans from 2013, my forearm was deemed “essentially stable” and in normal range, as was my lumbar spine.  The hip/femoral neck, however, was borderline normal and had a decrease of 7%. This is noted as a “slight” decrease, so I’m not really worried.

I don’t think I’m going to take the supplement. I think I’ll just up my leafy greens and take my chances there.  🙂


I’ve tried some new recipes the past few days that we really loved!

Grilled Romaine Lettuce with Corn and Avocado – Yes, you read that right. Grilled lettuce! This dish was fantastic! My husband said it didn’t look like much when I served it… crispy lettuce leaves? But he loved it as much as I did! My son enjoyed it as well. I think the only modification I would make is to reduce the maple syrup a bit on the dressing, but we will definitely be making this recipe again!

Best Ever Vegan Macaroni and Cheese (WFPB Version) – My best judge on recipes is whether or not my son goes for a second (or third) helping. He absolutely did with this recipe! I can’t believe that you can get “cheese” from potatoes, carrots, onions, some cashews and a few spices! This is, by far, the best vegan mac and cheese we have tried to date.  And I even have some left over for lunch tomorrow. Yea!

Homemade Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream – We are all enjoying a bowl of this as I type. It’s made with full fat coconut milk, so it’s not a treat we would eat every night. But it’s a great non-dairy substitute for those who love ice cream. It’s ok to indulge once in a while!


IMDb: Bones (2010)

Free From

“Free from disease.”  No matter how many times I hear it, it will always be music to my ears.

During the year, I will have a series of appointments with a slew of doctors. Today was my annual appointment with my surgeon, just one of many physicians on my “team”, as he called it. The core team? Surgeon, oncologist, radiation oncologist, urologist, and gynecologist. (I don’t include my primary doctor here since he doesn’t really do anything for me!) The way it works out, every month or so, I am seeing one of those five special people in my life.

Dr. Surgeon did a physical exam, declared me “free from disease” (I totally understand that he meant there was no evidence of disease… it could certainly “be” there, but not visible) and made my day. He explained that, while (almost) 3 years out from my surgery may not seem like a major milestone, it actually is.  He indicated that within the first 2 years is your greatest chance for a local recurrence, so he seemed pretty pleased that we made it (almost) 3 years. And if he’s happy, I’m happy.

He asked me about reconstruction, which he promised he would ask me every year. “Have you thought about doing reconstruction?”  “Nope.”  I explained my rationale as part of our now-annual ritual — why put myself through an unnecessary surgery for no good medical reason? If I did it, it would solely be for the purpose of fitting some societal expectation. Fake breasts certainly aren’t medically necessary, and I don’t feel I need them to feel “whole”. I do not derive my self-worth from my breasts (or lack thereof).

He smiled and nodded… “The safest surgery is the one you didn’t have.”  He was in total agreement with my decision. And yet, he promised to ask me again next year — and for all eternity.  Sounds like he plans to see me beyond the usual 5 years. He explained that he will “gently encourage” annual visits for a longer time period because I am not able to have mammograms, and so physical exam is the best way to monitor. And I’m kinda ok with that.

I ended my day with a DEXA scan that my oncologist ordered back in January. They just scheduled it about a month ago. I had actually forgotten all about it until I got a letter in the mail. I was thinking I didn’t really need it, since I believe it’s for women who are taking those God-forsaken drugs that destroy all your hormones, thus putting you at higher risk for osteoporosis. But I didn’t put up a fight on this one and figured it wouldn’t hurt to have it checked. Dr. Surgeon said he thought it was a good idea because I am post-menopausal and that put me at risk.  I think I’ll be just fine, since I get loads of calcium in my plant-based diet!  🙂


I tried udon noodles for the first time tonight.  Ingredients? Organic Wheat Flour and Sea Salt!  Last time I tried a different kind of noodle, it got all mushy.  These came out pretty good.  I made an Asian soup to pour over the top: Lemon Miso Soup with Udon Noodles.  I’ve been checking out more of the recipes on Klunker’s Kitchen, where this recipe is from.  The boys enjoyed it and it was easy to make.  I did, of course, eliminate the tofu.

IMDb: Free From (2014)

I Will Follow

I get a little annoyed when I have to follow up with the doctor’s office because they haven’t gotten back to me on things.  Today, I had to place such a call since it has been over a week since my last doctor’s appointment, and I haven’t heard a thing about many of the “next steps”.  I was pleasantly surprised to actually get a person when I called, since I typically hit voicemail.

The statuses provided:  They are working on scheduling my dexascan.  I should hear from them in another week.  (I think it would be faster to call and schedule it myself, but they don’t let me.  Chances are I will have to reschedule it anyway because they, obviously, don’t know my schedule.)

They placed a call to my surgeon regarding scheduling the removal of my portacath.  If I don’t hear from anyone in another week, I should call them.  (Again, easier if I had just called them myself…)

Colonoscopy?  They are still tracking down the records of my last colonoscopy which have been sent to storage.  Since I’m still an active patient, the fact that my records would have been sent to storage was just a little disconcerting.

I did also follow up with my urologist to determine if he wants to see me for a follow up.  (That’s a lot of follow ups; two in one sentence!)

In other news, my hair continues to grow in – dark and fuzzy.  Baby soft!  I do feel so liberated to not have to wear anything else on my head and I am touched by all the kind remarks from friends and coworkers.  The ongoing support always touches my heart!

Tomorrow, it is time for the planned girls weekend!  My sister-in-law and I will be traveling to the Niagara Falls area to spend the weekend with dear friends.  I really can’t wait!  I know it will be a weekend of laughs and it will be good for my spirit.  I will miss my “boys” but I think they’ll be fine without me for 3 days!

And lastly, a Happy Birthday to my smart, handsome, funny, strong, (opinionated), husband, David!   🙂  Love you!