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Drugstore Cowboy

For the last two weeks, I have been taking my Femara every three days and monitoring my blood pressure.  So far, so good.  As of yesterday, I moved to my “every other day” mode.  I will continue to monitor my blood pressure and the other side effects to determine if that frequency makes sense.  I have been taking two herbal hormones diligently for the past few weeks also — Flash Ease, which is Black Cohosh and Dong Quai Root, and Wild Yam & Chaste Tree.  Those really seem to be helping both my energy level and the joint pain.  While the joint pain is not completely gone, it has certainly lessened.  I am hoping that prolonged taking of the herbal hormones will help even more over time.

I had a call tonight from my dear college friend, Michele, who offered her support and perspective on the whole Femara topic.  As a 10 year survivor of breast cancer, she’s “been there”, and understands what I’m feeling more than most.  She also started with Femara, way back when, and was switched to Tamoxifen after the Femara was causing similar side effects.  Eventually, she was given permission to stop taking it all together.  As she reminded me, it really is a crap shoot sometimes.  You can follow the doctor’s orders to the letter of the law and still get a recurrence.  Or you can be completely a bad patient, not listen to a word, and live a long life.  It’s really up to each person to listen to their own intuition, make the right decisions for themselves, and make the most of life.  All great advice!  (Love you, Michele!)  I’m encouraged that her doctor gave her permission to stop taking it and she’s a 10 year survivor.  (I have no delusions that MY doctor will give the same permission.  She, of course, would not be happy with my Femara vacation, nor my self-imposed schedule…hence my cowboy reference.)

So for the time being, we will try the every-other-day approach and monitor vitals and side effects.  And we’ll go from there!

In other news…

Dad is down to SIX radiation treatments and it can’t end too soon for him and Mom.  He’s really tired, has lost more weight, and was nauseous this week.  I”m glad the weekend is near for him to recover a bit before the final week.

In a conversation with someone at work today about supplements, it occurred to me that I have not been taking my Vitamin B (which is recommended for vegetarians).  Oops!  Need to get back on that!

My wheat grass is growing nicely.  Sprouting like crazy!

wheat grass 2013-08-22