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Life In A Year


Isn’t it amazing just how fast a year goes by? I know the adage is “the older you get, the faster time goes” but I don’t really feel that old (yet). But here we are, a whole year since I became a “retiree”. 365 days since I left the corporate world behind and moved forward in a whole new direction. What a difference a year makes.

On the anniversary of my “retirement” date (yes, the quotes are intended to add a bit of sarcasm, since it wasn’t a voluntary retirement date…), it is fitting that I have officially and fully graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I had received my mid-certificate back in January which allowed me to start seeing clients, and now my schooling is complete. When I saw that our official graduation date was also July 10th, my official retirement start date, I chuckled at the message the Universe sent my way.

It really is a reminder of what can be accomplished in a year, how much life can change in 52 weeks. I have been educated, embarked on a new career, started a new business, made new friends and business partners, and never looked back. It’s easy, sometimes, to get stuck in the moments when things don’t go as planned, or when life throws you a few lemons. But time gives us a new perspective to look back and see how far we’ve come.

I am grateful for the opportunities of this past year. My husband’s support (and my severance package!) allowed me to pursue my passions and I know I’m lucky in that regard. I didn’t have to jump right into a job I didn’t really want just to meet expenses. I had the luxury of time to build something new.

So what can be done in a year?

  • I took 40 week certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching (actual time was longer considering weeks off for holidays/breaks).
  • I started a new business, complete with name, logo, website, business cards, Facebook page, pamphlets, bank account, and all the other fun tax/financial stuff.
  • I drafted an outline for a book (my goal for the next year!).
  • I created partnerships with two wellness centers, started building my client base, and delivered multiple workshops.
  • I managed a new work/life balance, figuring out how to handle varied working hours to meet my clients’ schedules, while still managing my household, volunteering, and finding time for fun and relaxation. (To be honest, housework is where I made most of my concessions!)
  • I made lots of new friends, and tried really hard to keep in touch with the old ones!
  • And I even managed to get a few things done from that big list of projects I started my retirement with. (Not nearly enough of them, but I guess we always need to have a list, don’t we?)

So what can YOU do in a year? What are you waiting for? Start. Take a step forward. A year from now, you can look back and marvel at all you’ve accomplished!

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As an introvert, I have had to really work on building my networking skills over the past few decades! (Yes, decades.) I knew it was a skill that I needed to focus on to advance my career as part of Corporate America, who tends to favor extroverts. I’ll be honest that I had mixed results in this realm simply because I was working with so many different personalities, and some were easier than others to connect with. But, right up there with public speaking, I knew I had to keep at it and it was usually on my annual development plan.

Fast forward to present day and trying to establish my own business: Networking is even more important than ever. While not really a “sales-y” person, I am aware how important it is for me to talk about my new business, share my business card, and talk up my services. It’s critical to my success.

Networking recently paid off in a big way…

Back in October, I had a follow up appointment with my radiological oncologist. We have a great relationship and he is always interested in what I am reading, what I am eating, and what additional lifestyle changes I am making to improve my health. He’s very supportive of me being plant-based and is very encouraging. I shared with him my latest journey to be a health coach. He was very excited about this news and recommended that I speak with Abby (a fabulous human being, well connected in the wellness community, who consults with his practice)…   Out of my comfort zone, I contacted this complete stranger and had a lovely meeting with Abby. She was very enthusiastic about what I was working on and she promised to be an advocate for my work.

A few weeks after I met with Abby, she sent me a message that she had connected with a chiropractor in the area who was looking to expand her service offering, and that I would be a perfect fit. So I reached out to Dr. Denise Karpowicz… another leap out of my comfort zone! We met, connected immediately, and now things are moving really quickly for my business!

I am happy to announce that I will have office space in the Karpowicz Chiropractic Center in Clarks Summit, PA! I have been working on painting and furnishing my office, and Dr. Karpowicz is already referring clients to me.  It’s a fabulous opportunity that would NOT have happened without the power of networking!

So who’s in your network? Who’s your advocate and looking out for your interests?

Who do you need to connect with? And what are you doing about it? 🙂


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