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My Normal

Earlier this week I received electronic delivery of my recent labs — blood work and urinalysis. Today I received my chest x-ray and MRI results. (I highly recommend that you ALWAYS ask that copies of your test results be sent to you. I like to read everything myself, not just what the doctors decide to share with me. Sometimes I have even found things that were incorrect and I demanded that they be corrected. Even if they aren’t sent to you separately, ask your doctor for copies of all reports before you leave the office.)

And so I am happy to report that all is NORMAL!  Yea!  I love seeing the words “No evidence of metastatic disease. No evidence of residual or recurrent renal mass.”  The only thing noted is a small non-enhancing (?) cyst in the left kidney. It’s been there for a while, so no worries. I have to say that some of the language on the reports amuses me. Take, for example, “The morphology, signal intensity, and enhancement of both kidneys is unchanged.” Or “There is no evidence of free air, free fluid, mass or pathologic lymphaedenopathy in the abdomen.” I’m sure it’s all good, but what language do these people speak?

In terms of my labs, I am totally psyched to see everything in the normal column. (Well, almost everything… sodium and carbon dioxide were both one point above the range. Negligible difference, and the ranges vary from provider to provider, so again, no worries.)

The thing I was happiest about… my cholesterol is 156! At it’s highest, it was about 220, pre-WFPB. I am so proud of that number, although I do know of some plant-based people in the 120s…  a stretch goal for me.

Even though my doctor’s appointment isn’t until the 30th, I can already breathe a sigh of relief. Whew!


A few new recipes:

Lemon Couscous Salad from McDougall’s Quick and Easy Cookbook.  This one had some good taste, but it was a little dry for my tastes. I imagine I could have added more lemon juice, but I was out.

Tomato Basil Pasta from Just a Pinch recipes.  I found this one on Facebook and loved it.  Very simple to throw together, all in one pot, and delicious.  I left out the olive oil. I didn’t see any reason to add it.


IMDb: My Normal (2009)