The Magnificent Seven

As I sat at the high school football game last night, listening to the marching band play one of my favorite stand tunes, The Theme from The Magnificent Seven, I knew it would be the title of today’s blog post!  “Why?” you ask. Because it’s been a magnificent seven years that I am cancer free!

I will always count this milestone and celebrate it. As my second cancer, breast cancer, clocked in at Stage III, I knew things were serious. I knew there was a risk that I would not see my son grow up, learn to drive, go to the prom, or graduate high school. I can now say I have lived and loved every one of those experiences, knowing that each was a gift. Because seven years ago, experiencing those events was not a given.

Seven years ago was the day of my double mastectomy and lymph node dissection. It’s the day I count as my cancer-free anniversary, since it’s the day my 8 cm tumor, and a few lymph nodes, was removed from my body… along with both of my breasts. The chemo and radiation that followed were insurance policies.

But more importantly, it’s the day that I knew I had to take back my health. I had to assess what I was doing to make my body turn on itself. And so began a journey of changes to diet and lifestyle that continues to this day. I’m hardly perfect in my daily routines, but my plant based diet ~ along with getting enough sleep, managing my stress, being careful about what chemicals go into my body (or rather don’t), and getting some exercise ~ has been crucial to my health. I believe my diet, in particular, is what keeps me thriving and cancer-free.

So here I am, seven years out! Relishing and reflecting in the magnificent things I have been able to enjoy because I fought back. Fabulous travels; precious time with my husband, son, family & friends; writing a book; starting my own business; the birth of our first (and amazingly adorable) grandchild; being able to share my gifts with some awesome nonprofit organizations; and yes, seeing my son graduate from high school and start college, with love and pride in my eyes!

Seven years! I am so very grateful for each day of those seven years, even the tough ones. Here’s to 7 more, 17 more, 27 more! Hell, some days I think I could even do 37 more!

So what changes do YOU need to make to take back your health? I promise, you won’t regret it!

It’ll be magnificent!

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IMDb: The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Announcing to the World

About six weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in the process of writing my first (but hopefully not last) book. I had planned to give a sneak peek between then and now, but it’s been a crazy six weeks, trying to wrap up the book amidst all of our busy schedules. This book experience has been amazing and I have learned SO much. The biggest lesson? That the easiest part of writing a book is… writing a book! It’s all the other stuff that’s hard, especially when you are self-publishing. Getting Word to cooperate when you are trying to format your manuscript into a template… frustrating! Figuring out the best way to create a cover, after multiple attempts using Canva and KDP failed… even more frustrating!

I am grateful to the love, support, and help of so many people who got me through the frustration, taught me how to “layer” in PhotoShop, or fixed a file for me! Those who shared their thoughts on page colors and font selections, who proofed and re-proofed, edited and re-edited. I am immensely blessed to have so many people who helped me on this book-writing journey!

With that, I am so very excited to announce that my book, “Beyond the Pink Ribbon: What I Wish I Knew About Breast Cancer (Before I Got It)” is now available in paperback on Amazon!! Woo hoo! In addition to being exciting, this is also a bit scary and surreal for me. To write a book is to really put yourself out there, making yourself really vulnerable. It’s a huge step out of my comfort zone, but a dream I have realized after several decades of wanting to be an author.

The book, as the name would imply, details my journey from diagnosis to returned health. I think it will be a great resource for newly diagnosed women, even if a different diagnosis than mine, and for women who might just be trying to lower their risk of breast cancer in the first place.

I do ask that if you purchase and read the book, that you return to Amazon to do a review. It’s apparently how one moves up the Amazon rating scale, which has benefits (that I am still learning)!

For those of you who prefer e-book, I am working on this and hope to have that released by early next week.

IMDb: Announcing to the World (1950)


A common sentiment with many of my female clients, friends and family is this:

“I take care of everyone else, but I never make time to take care of myself.”  

I am surprised at just how often I hear this; it’s not 100% of the time, but it’s close. So on this Mother’s Day, I thought it might be helpful to write an affirmation for all the women out there who struggle to make themselves a priority. Read this. Say this. Embrace this. Live this.

I am worthy.
I am worthy and deserving of self-care.
I will make my own well-being a priority.
I will nourish my body with good food, movement, water and sleep.
I will nourish my mind with meditation, good books and stimulating conversation.
I will nourish my soul with nature, laughter, and letting go.
I will find time for me. Without guilt.
Taking care of myself is the best thing I can do to take care of others.
I will make my own well-being a priority.
I am worthy and deserving of self-care.
I am worthy.


IMDb: Worthy (2017)


A Work in Progress

Things are progressing quite nicely on my new business. I am purposely trying to take things on the slower side to ensure I am giving 100% to anyone I work with, and to make sure that I am not taking on more than I can handle while establishing other components for the business.

I have several active clients and am very grateful for the referrals and opportunities provided by Dr. Denise Karpowicz! I am continuing to network with other local businesses in the field of wellness, and have a few speaking engagements lined up to help get my name out there.

I also have a presentation series on plant based nutrition planned for the month of April.   For my local readers, if interested, you can enroll in one or more of the 4 classes via my website:

The details are as follows:

4/4/18 – Plant Based Nutrition 101: Definitions, Benefits and Myths
4/11/18 – So what do you eat?
4/18/18 – Getting started (planning & preparing for the transition)
4/25/18 – Cooking Demo

All sessions are from 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm and will be held at Wonderful, an art studio in Moscow. Each session includes the presentation, handouts and food samples.  Sessions are $15 each, or $50 for the full series.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


If you are looking for a super easy, delicious dessert, I recently discovered chocolate hummus from Don’t Waste the Crumbs. It was super easy to make and absolutely yummy! Your family won’t even know it’s healthy!  I served mine with fresh strawberries and raspberries. I meant to take a picture but we all ate before I remembered to do so!


IMDb: A Work In Progress (2002)