Proper Binge

As I mentioned, I got permission to get back on the treadmill, and so today, I did just that. I started at a slower speed and did a shorter distance than normal, so as not to overdo it. I was also a good girl and wore my emergency fall thingy that turns the power off if I fall. I usually throw all caution to the wind with that thing, but given my lower-than-usual pulse and blood pressure, I thought it was prudent to follow the safety protocols.

One of the things I love about walking on my treadmill is my ability to binge-watch the shows that *I* want to watch. David and I have very different tastes in television shows. While I will happily (ok, maybe not happily, but perhaps willingly) watch the biography of Abraham Lincoln, or Jurassic Park for the 800% time, or even The Office (which I don’t love), returning the favor does not always happen. (I’m not saying it never happens…) So I just find treadmill time the best time to binge the shows that I love: Killing Eve is back on; Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returned a few weeks ago; This Is Us final season…

I got David a subscription to Masterclass for Christmas, so I am also trying to get through some of the classes. Presently, it’s Chef Thomas Keller and cooking techniques for me. Annie Leibovitz and photography for him. 🙂

But my latest binge choice? Mary McCartney’s “Serve It Up”. I saw an interview with her before the holidays and she was delightful. And, as a vegetarian, I was intrigued. But her show is on Discovery+, one of the few streaming services we don’t have. But, as luck would have it, David got an offer for a free 3-month subscription to Discovery+, so yay! I am now watching multiple episodes a day.

I want to be Mary McCartney when I grow up! She is lovely, her recipes are easy, she’s thin & healthy, she knows everyone, her dad is Sir Paul, and she’s got a British accent! What’s not to love? If you have Discovery+, definitely check it out. If you don’t and are looking for some yummy vegetarian recipes, you can find them on the Food Network website. She does use “a lot” of olive oil, but again, she’s thin and healthy, so we’ll forgive her for that and modify where it makes sense.

Quick updates:

  • Steri-strips are all gone.
  • I learned that the stitches in my back won’t be removed until my appointment at the end of March.
  • Slept great last night, and in my own bed. Goodbye, couch!
  • Almost all my tape glue is gone.
  • Started weaning some of my meds today, and done with the antibiotic, so my tummy is happier.
  • Feeling good!

IMDb: Proper Binge (2017)

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