I Am Grateful

I am feeling pretty good and have started weaning from my meds early! Yay! (Yes, with permission from my doctors). My surgeon gave me permission to start weaning the Gabapentin, since my pain is really not bad. It only hurts when I cough or move wrong. My family doctor gave the green light to start weaning from the beta blocker, since my heart rate is now a bit on the lower side. We need to find that balance, so let’s wean off and see how things go.

A week out from my surgery, I am really grateful for how good I feel. I did also get permission to start using the treadmill again, so I’m excited about that. So limited pain, permission to exercise, sleeping well, healing nicely, making progress on my spirometer, and moving about freely. I am still sleeping on the couch because of the cough (normal to clear out the lungs) and not wanting to wake David up.

I am really grateful, particularly, for all the love and support sent my way. Calls, text, Facebook messages, prayers, cards… so many of you have reached out to offer well wishes and ask if there is anything you can do to help. Flowers, gift bags, and food have all been delivered this past week! We are eating well (lasagna, homemade gnocchi, brownies, and more!)!

I’m relaxing in my comfy PJ’s and comfy socks, wrapped in my comfy blankets, having a hot cup of tea, feeling quite pampered by all my friends. I use my pretty pink pillow to help when coughing, and my hot/cold pads to help with those twinges of pain in my back. What more could a girl ask for?! (I AM looking forward to partaking in the limoncello gift in the freezer…!)

I. Am. Grateful. To all of you who have supported us in so many ways!

I do have to call our a particularly fun and thoughtful gift, given to me by a friend her two small children. Always a great mom who tries to teach her kids compassion, Chris had her children help create my gift bag. Wanting to fill it all with candy, Chris reminded them that I healing from surgery and tried to eat healthy. As so, I got a great bunch of gifts: clementines, Easter garland, a coloring book and pencils, fruit cocktail, a mug (“be loved”), handmade cards, and more. There was even a story with this gift:

Chris’ son explained that the bad cells in my body were like weeds, and those weeds were going to die off into the ground, and wildflowers — healthy cells — would grow in it’s place. Pretty wise for a 6 year old, wouldn’t you say? From your lips to God’s ears!

I. Am. Grateful!

IMDb: I Am Grateful (2019)

4 thoughts on “I Am Grateful

  1. What a beautiful gift! So happy to hear you are feeling well and recovering quickly!! We love you!!!

  2. Hi Michele!

    I love the very sounds of your positive words. Being grateful is the beginning of you just feeling better and I am so happy for that, a real answer to prayer. It feels to me that this is the beginning of some wonderful healing going on and I am so glad that you are feeling this in body, mind and spirit! Continued prayers for all needed areas!!

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