Off and Running

As I mentioned in my last post, things are starting to move full steam ahead with my health coaching business. I have been working on getting my website complete, along with my Facebook page and all the necessary work for starting a new business (EIN, LLC, credit card processing, furniture, office supplies, business name, logo, etc.). There’s a lot!

Luckily, I have a great group of advisors who have helped along the way, including my outstanding financial and tax advisors (Tom Hauber, Ameriprise, and John Brostoski, CPA), fellow business owners, Donna Simpson of the University of Scranton’s Small Business Development Center, and Joe Morgan, my graphic designer. And, of course, there’s a large group of family and friends who have acted as my “focus group” on things like names and logos and fonts, oh my! There are too many of them to name here, but if you’re reading this — Thank you!

So I’m off and running… Ready to take on clients and the world!  🙂

I will continue to use this blog as my writing space. Although my new website has a blog section, it doesn’t have a “follow” option at the moment. Once the hosting company adds that option, I will likely switch over.  There is content in the blog section on the website, but the posts are generated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. They post monthly and there’s a nice variety of topics.

I would like to ask a few favors from my readers:

  1. Please check out my website:
    There are still a few bugs to be worked out, but it’s about 95% there.  I welcome any feedback!
  2. While there, sign up to receive my monthly newsletter.
  3. “Like” my new Facebook page:
  4. Share my information with anyone who might be in need of, and interested in, health coaching!

Thank you!!

Metamorphosis Logo-01

IMDb: Off and Running (1991)


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