Love in the Kitchen

Today is the second anniversary of my mom’s death. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her tremendously.  Not surprisingly, I feel closest to my mother when I am in the kitchen. Mom was always in the kitchen and some of my favorite childhood memories involve baking. She also frequently baked with the kids, especially my two nieces, and you could always count on some cookie dough in the fridge or a dessert on the counter. She knew everyone’s favorite pie or favorite cookie, and she was always making someone’s favorite for a special occasion. Or just because.

Mom was a fabulous cook and baker and I frequently talk to her while I am preparing meals or making a dessert. I ask her for guidance and try channel her skills, although I think I’m a little better with a sharp knife. (Inside joke.) I wonder what she would think of the meals I prepare, and I know she would be proud. In fact, I know she would love each new recipe. Prior to her passing, when I tried a new recipe, I would drop some off at the house for her to sample. I miss being able to do that. She loved to learn and I know she would have been interested in all the new recipes and techniques and gadgets I have accumulated.

Just this week, three new recipes, using new ingredients and new gadgets.

  • Portobello Pot Roast from A Virtual Vegan – definitely a keeper and relatively easy to make.  Just need to make it on a day that there’s nothing going on, since it does need an hour in the oven.  Growing up, I always loved the carrots that cooked my mom’s pot roast.  The carrots in this recipe were ever so close to that — with no meat or fat!
  • Festive Stuffed Shells from The Jazzy Vegetarian Cookbook – Stuffed shells with no cheese?? Say what?? These were delicious.  Another add to the rotation. It helped to bake the potatoes the night before. The recipe says use 4 potatoes; I actually used 5 and that “just” made the 3 cups.  Might want to make more to be safe.
  • Holy Mole Black Bean Soup from Vegan Under Pressure Cookbook – I wasn’t sure what to make of this one.  It intrigued me from the list of ingredients… could these things possibly go together? So I took a chance, and we really enjoyed it.  Ingredients include: onion, cacao powder, jalapeño, dates, peanut butter and fire roasted tomatoes. Spices: chili powder, oregano, cinnamon, cumin and thyme.  We loved the creamy texture and blend of flavors. It was my first foray into using dried beans and the instructions were great for using the Instant Pot. Of course, I got home late, and this recipe books some time to prepare, so we ate late. I do think it was worth the wait, but next time I need to remember to a) soak the dates in advance, and b) soak the beans overnight. Luckily, the instructions on the bag of beans had a “quick soak” option that worked well.

A few other quick notes:

Dad’s biopsy has finally been scheduled for March 3rd.  No one called, but he got a letter in the mail. Unfortunately, the letter only tells us the date and location, but no time.  *sigh*

Finally got my tumor marker results — normal range.  *whew*

IMDb: Love in the Kitchen (1899)



6 thoughts on “Love in the Kitchen

    • The time sure does fly, doesn’t it? Some days it feels like yesterday, and other days, an eternity. She was my best friend and advocate. I’m blessed to have such great memories of her. xo

  1. I get it, since my Mom has been gone I am listening to much more classical music, what I always heard her listening to. I’m sure she would love everything you are making, My prayers are with you for your Dad & Happy for your good news.

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