Know Your Resources

I promised a few people over the past few weeks that I would compile a list of my favorite cookbooks and other resources for good whole food plant based eating!  So here goes!

First, cookbooks….To be fully “McDougall compliant”, I eliminate all added oils from these recipes. Typically, it just involves saute’ing in veggie broth instead of oil.

  1. Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
    This one is my go-to cookbook and the source of many of my new comfort foods.
    Favorites: Cheddary Broccoli Soup, Creamy Potato-Leek Soup, Lentil-A-Roni, White Wine Risotto and Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings
    I think there are still so many more unexplored recipes for me to try!
  2. Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon
    Favorites: Quick & Easy Chana Masala, Creamy Vegetable Curry, Broccoli & Cashew Cheese-Quinoa Burrito
  3. Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr
    Favorites: Veggie Quesadilla, Save the Tuna Salad on Rye
    Lots of beginner “know-how” in this book.
  4. The Happy Herbivore Cookbooks – my favorite is “Light & Lean”.
  5. O M Gee Good! Instant Pot Meals by Jill McKeever
    I got this one to help me better use my instant pot. I’ve only tried a few recipes so far. I love one pot meals for their ease of preparing; cooking them in minutes is even better!

While I do go to my cookbooks a few times a week, more and more I go to the web to find new recipes. I’m part of a few Facebook groups that post recipe links, so I’m never at a loss for new recipes. I have a stack of printed recipes that I plan to try, along with those I keep going back to!

If there’s a particular ingredient you want to try to incorporate into a dish, just google it along with “vegan recipes”. There’s a whole world of recipes waiting to be explored. I always review the ingredient list to make sure they are “compliant” or easily modifiable, and to see how difficult the recipe is to make. If it has too many steps or looks like it will take too long, I will skip it. I want to get dinner made in 30 minutes or less!

Here are some of my “go to” websites:

  1. 40-Year-Old-Vegan (an old college friend, now a vegan chef)
  2. Oh She Glows (yes, she has a website too!)
  3. Klunker’s Kitchen

As a reminder, you can click on the “recipes” tab above. That will link you to all posts that contain a recipe link. And if you find any good recipes on your own, please do share!!

IMDb: Know Your Resources (1950)


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