Rx Recipe

I’ve been promising some recipes, so here you go!

Beefless Stew by Straight Up Food – A nice hearty meal that even my meat-and-potatoes Dad enjoyed! The only change I made of this one is to add a bit of Worcestershire sauce. With the Fall weather approaching, this was a  nice one-pot recipe that was pretty easy to make. While the recipe says 30 minutes of prep time, I don’t think it took that long.

I did try Mushroom Risotto from this same website.  The boys thought it was a little bland, even though it contained two of our favorite things: mushrooms and risotto!  🙂  They can’t all be winners.  I think this one would have been good with some additional seasonings.

Zucchini Corn Fritters – I discovered Michael Klunker through a McDougall Facebook group.  I’ve posted a few of his recipes previously, but I recommend that you peruse KlunkersKitchen.com for some additional plant-based goodness! I had made a zucchini egg fritter a few weeks ago, which we really enjoyed, but it wasn’t vegan, so I was happy to find this recipe.  Of course, I made a double batch and it took a bit of time to “fry” them up (oil free!  Ok, barely any oil… I really need to buy a new non-stick pan…) but they were well worth the effort.

Also from Klunker’s Kitchen: Tomato, Spinach & Orzo Soup – Super easy and we all loved it! Nothing more to say!

Spicy Vegan Jambalaya – Tried this one tonight for dinner and it was a hit. My only regret? Not using more jalapeño! I don’t use jalapeño often, so I’m always a little nervous about making it too spicy. I think I will add a little bit of red pepper to it next time also.

Lastly, while not a recipe, I wanted to mention our new favorite snack.  Pipcorn!  For those of you who may watch Shark Tank, this popcorn was featured and they won a deal with Barbara Corcoran. (It’s one of my favorite tv shows…)  Anyway, we saw a display in Wegman’s a few weeks ago and tried it.  It was delicious!!! And addictive.  Ethan and I devoured an entire bag — but I didn’t feel a bit of guilt.  Pipcorn is All Natural. Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Whole Grain.  Snacks you can feel good about.  We tried the kettle flavor, but I plan to try the other flavors. It’s already on the grocery list for next week.


IMDb: Rx Recipe (1980)



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