5 thoughts on “Body, Mind, Spirit

  1. Essential oils and herbal remedies are something I wouldn’t want to live without. Building the deck off my backyard was wonderful, for I use it to meditate and do yoga. Body, mind, spirit all goes together. Best wishes to you, Koko:)

    • Hi Koko! I couldn’t agree more! I am only just getting into essential oils more and more, but I know there is such power there! And I do need to find a bit more time for yoga! Your deck for meditation and yoga sounds wonderful (you must live someplace warm!). Thanks for writing! Peace! Michele

      • It can get cold here. About four months I’d say. I put in the deck two years ago. I just got around to sealing it a couples months ago. I love it. The other night I lit a fire in the fire pit and I did some night time stretching by the light of a sliver of the moon and the flames from the fire. It was nice. Essential oils are wonderful and once you get to know them more, you will find how “essential” they can be in your daily life. I use them to clean, disinfect, make my own moth wash, put it in my shampoo, add it to my facial care, cuts and bruises….so many, many purposes. Enjoy learning and finding what works for you! Take care of yourself and have a beautiful Monday! Koko:)

  2. I’m with you on the mind/body combination. I just did some acupuncture for the first time and followed up with a neuromuscular reeducation by a massage therapist. I loved the entire day. I had been using this massage therapist but had not had this particular thing done. I had a foot that was bothering me since I had over done yoga, lol. (I know). She trained my brain or is in the process of training my brain to stop feeling the pain. I used to look at all of these things as black magic but they work!

    Off to get my mammo today. Testing because I have to.

    • I only did a few sessions of acupuncture. The first time I was just all curious and wondering, what if my nose itched, could I move, etc.? The second time I really went with it and it was just amazing. I stopped because the acupuncturist’s schedule did not jive with mine… How are you doing? I know you guys were really cleaning up your diets there. Still going strong? 🙂 Take care!

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