The Toxic Avenger

My naturalist often talks to me about xenoestrogens. I understood these to be “fake” estrogens that mimic the real estrogen that your body makes.  Much of the xenoestrogen that your body picks up is from processed and hormone-laden foods, as well as from the environment. I found this list of xenoestrogens to avoid. It’s one of the most comprehensive lists I have seen and it’s probably impossible to avoid these things 100%. In fact, I’m not sure I agree with everything on the list.

However, there are many easy steps you can take to minimize your exposure, like switch from plastic to glass storage containers, never microwave food in plastic, use quality / natural cosmetics, soaps, etc. Don’t use chemical air fresheners. Look for quality, organic, healthy alternatives for anything that goes on your skin.

It’s really important to reduce your exposure as much as possible. I do my best and when I learn something new, I try to implement. For example, I read an article a few weeks ago about Tide laundry detergent and all the bad chemicals in it (and most laundry detergents).  It never really occurred to me to look at what’s in in, because I have been a loyal Tide user pretty much my entire life. I remember my mom trying an alternate brand back when I was a youngster and both my Dad and I broke out in a rash, so it’s been Tide forever.

Now that I know I’m exposing myself to toxins, it’s time to try something different… Enter Molly’s Suds! Their mission statement: “Our company uses the purest of ingredients to formulate products without carcinogens or known human toxins. We strive to be good stewards of the Earth and give back to our community and those in need.”  Definitely check out their story. It’s inspiring, and a it bit scary.

I ordered their laundry detergent and started using it this past week. It’s great knowing that I am not absorbing chemical residue from my clothing, and that my family is safe from toxins on their clothes as well. But as a side benefit, my clothes just seem softer and my towels fluffier. I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination, but I’m pretty excited just the same!

In case you are wondering why it’s so important to avoid xenoestrogens, read this article. It gives a great description of xenoestrogens and how they contribute to breast cancer, as well as other cancers. The article also talks about why it’s so important to try to be at a healthy weight. Personally, I know my risks went up when my weight went up, and I paid no attention to what I ate (non-organic, processed crap), or what I put on my skin. I didn’t think about the quality of the water I drank or the risk of taking any kind of prescription medication, including birth control and antibiotics. I used all sorts of toxic cleaning solutions, deodorants with chemicals, and sunscreens that heated chemicals into my skin. To paraphrase Maya Angelou: I know better now, so I do better.

Be mindful of what goes into your body.

IMDb: The Toxic Avenger (1984)



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