Mental Wealth

What a great work week!  I worked Monday… and Friday.  Who doesn’t love a two-day work week?

In between, I had a nice three day mental health break. For those who have been following along, I’ve been feeling somewhat stressed of late and needed some time to myself. I know you are imaging a nice quiet couple of days reading books and taking bubble baths, but that wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

I actually spent three full days painting and cleaning. My dining room has been in need of a fresh coat of paint…  And since the dining room flows into the front foyer… which flows up the stairs and into the second floor balcony… Once you start, you need to do it all!  And, of course, as you paint, you must move furniture, and clean everything in sight! It was a lot of work (and I’m still not done), but it made me happy.

So maybe house work isn’t your idea of a mental health break, but I loved it!  Physical activity, solitude, and a beautiful finished product… and let’s not forget some rockin’ 70’s music! I took the opportunity to blast some of my favorite albums from my high school years: Kansas’ Leftoverture, Queen’s A Night at the Opera, multiple Styx albums, some ELO and, yes, even a little Barry Manilow.  🙂 I got to sing and dance to my heart’s content while I worked — and I slept like a baby at night.

I spent a lot of time thinking of my mom, too. I remembered her teaching me how to paint, how to hang curtain rods and pictures. I imagined her telling me, as I emptied that dining room hutch, that everything needed to be washed. And so I washed every last piece of crystal and china. I thought of all the times we worked on projects together — at her home and mine — and realized just how many things she taught me over the years. I really felt like she was with me, and it was comforting.

Next week will definitely be a long week, chock full of stress for lots of different reasons. But for today, I am still savoring the peace, the serenity, and the feeling of accomplishment. We’ll worry about the stress next week.


IMDb: Mental Wealth (2015)



3 thoughts on “Mental Wealth

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