Check and Double Check

Today I had a six month check up with my radiologist. Everything was great — physical exam, vitals, etc. But my doc spent a lot of time talking about why we do these exams.

As he noted, I had an “aggressive” form of breast cancer and, if it were to return, it would most likely occur in the infamous first five years. It doesn’t mean it can’t recur later than that, but the likelihood is higher early on and so they like to monitor periodically.  I do see my radiologist twice a year, my oncologist twice a year, and my surgeon annually. Check, check, and check again.

You might wonder why they are all needed.  I certainly wondered if I needed to do them all. But both my surgeon and radiologist believe that the more people that can see me and check things out, the safer I am. The appointments are spread out throughout the year, so every few months I get someone to ask me questions, do a physical exam and give me peace of mind. While it’s sometimes a pain to get to all these appointments (throw in the gynecologist, the dentist, the eye doctor, and the urologist…), it’s totally worth it. I wouldn’t give up this particular trio for anything; if something were to happen, I am confident they would find it early.

Physical exam, blood work, tumor markers, and normal vitals all tell a part of the story and are very important.  Just as important, my doc explained to me, is the dialogue.  My answers to his questions help him to identify potential issues.

Today, I passed with flying colors, and I can breathe for a while.

As an aside, I actually always love going to my radiologist’s office. They are the absolute nicest people and my favorite doctor’s office. Everyone is super nice, you never wait, and they actually care about you as a person. It’s the only place I go where the nurses and techs actually hug me! Such a warm feeling. All doctors’ offices should model whatever these guys are doing!!  (FYI – It’s NROC in Dunmore for the local peeps.)


As a follow up to my recent blog on stress management, I am currently trying the Stress Away essential oil from Young Living. See my friend’s blog for more information!


IMDb: Check and Double Check (1930)


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