Variety Girl

Over the past few weeks, I have talked to several people about the significant changes they have made in their diets and how it has transformed their health and their lives. It always makes me feel so good to hear those stories. I believe that we are the cusp of a major revolution in how people eat. Thanks to social media, the message of healing through diet is becoming more main stream and more people are open to it. While I am still mostly hearing about it from people who have serious medical issues, I am encouraged and hopeful that people will start making changes before they become ill.

The individuals I spoke to have lost 50+ pounds, reduced or eliminated medications, and seen symptoms disappear. It’s amazing! Feed your body the right foods and it will heal itself. The stories are so encouraging and I love hearing them.


One of the questions I get frequently is “isn’t your diet boring?” (As if meat and potatoes every night wasn’t boring?) Boring couldn’t be further from the truth!

We now enjoy a variety of cuisines. Some American fare, of course, but we also enjoy Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Spanish, Asian, and Indian! We are enjoying more spices and seasonings, and are all so much more open to trying new foods and flavors. Prior to going plant-based, there were a number of jars in my spice rack that had never been used. Now I’m using everything from coriander to cardamom. Thyme to turmeric.  I had never cooked with curry powder before, and now it’s a favorite. I recently purchased a never-heard-of-before seasoning: garam masala. I never used bay leaf and would never have thought cinnamon could be added to a dish that wasn’t dessert.  I’m even expanding my repertoire of peppers… serrano and poblano peppers just in the past week… and grating my own fresh ginger. You never know what flavors will show up on the dinner plate these days!

So boring? Not a chance!


One of our recent new dishes was another great one from the Oh She Glows Cookbook: Chana Masala. This dish is Indian/Pakistani and chick peas are the main ingredient. This was a pretty easy dish to make and everyone enjoyed it.  This dish called for fresh grated ginger, the serrano pepper, coriander, turmeric, and the new garam masala. The primary ingredients were tomatoes and the chick peas, and it was served over rice. I loved the addition of the fresh squeezed lemon juice, which gave the dish it’s tang.

A funny story about my serrano pepper…  I wasn’t sure how hot these particular peppers were, so I bought the smallest one I could find (it was about the size of my pinkie). I had it in my grocery cart, but it was so small that I forgot to put it on the conveyer belt and never paid for it.  I noticed it when I was putting my groceries in the car and my conscience made me go back in the store to pay for it. I thought it might not be worth it given the size, but I hadn’t looked at the price and didn’t know if it was an expensive speciality pepper, so I had to go back in. It barely weighed anything and ended up costing me a whopping $.04!!!  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t worth the trip back in the store, but at least my conscience is clear.  🙂


IMDb: Variety Girl (1947)


5 thoughts on “Variety Girl

  1. Chana masala is one of favorite meals. Have you tried the African peanut stew from Oh She Glows yet?

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