It’s always so exciting to share the benefits of a whole food, plant based diet with others. I’ve mentioned it before but, where others are met with criticism and lack of support, I seem to encounter the opposite. Mostly people are intrigued, then interested, then impressed. Today was no exception.

We are having some work done on our ceilings (water damage) and the guys working on the house suggested I get take out since my house is in huge disarray (furniture moved, everything covered with tarps…). They suggested a bar down the road that is known for their chicken wings. My little comment (“I don’t eat meat”) led to a great conversation about healthy eating, treatment of animals, my own health journey, etc. I was even able to dispel the myth that eating healthy is expensive as we compared weekly grocery bills. I won.

I was impressed how much they both knew, and while I highly doubt I converted them to vegetarians, I feel I gave them some things to think about. And that was great. Hopefully it will allow them to make some healthier choices in the future. (Like no soda!)


I love having those conversations and hope to convince people before they get diagnosed with something serious. And I am grateful that the people I encounter are so open to it. I’ve honestly never had anyone say “you have to eat meat!”… I just get the dreaded question “where do you get your protein?”  I’ll take that question any day, despite it’s annoyance, as a chance to educate. (And for the record… plants have protein…)  🙂



No new recipes tonight… an old standby: Engine 2’s Rice and Beans with corn, tomatoes, green onions, water chestnuts, and avocados.


IMDb: Influence (1994)


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