4 thoughts on “Side Effects

  1. I am now suffering 13 years later Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy… Very rare it is damage to the nerves in the lumbar plexus form pelvic radiation … It is effecting my ability to walk, severe peripheral neuropathy etc… Women who have had BC treatment can get Bracheal Plexopathy… Not a side effect i was ever told about.. I am in hospital doing intensive neurological physio!! I dont think cancer ever lets you forget!!

    • Helen, is that something separate and apart from your lymphoma? Is this something new? It sounds just awful! So not fair!! Bad enough we have to endure cancer and it’s awful treatment, but to experience such things for years on end… Thinking of you, my friend!

      • It is a separate problem to the Lymphoedema but both caused by radiation and surgery… I seem to have got the double whammy of side effects!!! Will eventually write about it but need to get my head round it all first!!

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