Chocolate City

I’ve never been a huge lover of chocolate. Never craved it. Frequently felt crappy after eating it. Always preferred vanilla ice cream and cake. Could easily pass up a candy bar.

The exception to all that, however, is if the chocolate is paired with mint (Peppermint Patties and Andes Mints, anyone?) or peanut butter (yep, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, it is). I am usually able to keep my consumption to one such treat at a time, and it’s not something that I do every day. I do try to remind myself that too much processed sugar is not good for cancer prevent and that usually keeps me in check when tempted by piles of peppermint patties at work.

Other than holidays, I don’t typically make desserts for home — for all the obvious reasons, like time and calories.  But when I stumbled upon this recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Torte, I knew I had to give it a try. I made it on Sunday (with some modifications) and it was gone in no time. I made it again last night to take to work today and came home with two small pieces (which made Ethan happy).

It’s delicious! And moist and chocolatey. And easy. And did I mention delicious? Even the non-believers tried it and loved it, and a number of people asked for the recipe. If you have sweet eaters in your house, you can at least feel better that there isn’t any egg, dairy, sugar or otherwise processed crap in it.

An important thing to remember… make sure your dates are PITTED!  The first time I made it, I thought I bought pitted dates. I threw them in food processor and created a total mess as the machine convulses and dates and water went splattering out of the processor! The second time, I was sure to double check the bag, and then I chopped them up a bit before blending them. Much better!

The recipe called for “ground vanilla” which I had never heard of, so I just used vanilla extract. And I used almond milk as my selection of plant milk.

Since the recipe calls for tofu in the frosting, I needed a substitution there. (I don’t do tofu because I find mixed opinions on soy and breast cancer so I just stay away.) I couldn’t find any sites that recommended a viable substitute for me, so I ended up picking a coconut milk-based yogurt (vanilla flavored) to help give it a lighter, creamier texture. Interestingly, the second time I made it, the frosting came out a little thicker, but I think it was because I used a different peanut butter. It was yummy nonetheless.

Lastly, I didn’t have a flan pan, so I just used a glass baking dish. (I don’t own any silicone pans, so I did spray the pan with Pam, against my better judgement.  It did allow the torte to come out of the pan easily, though.)  It was a smaller size than 9×13, but I can’t measure it because it’s in the dish washer!

When baking it, just follow the clock. I kept thinking that if I stuck a toothpick in it, it would come out clean at some point. But that never seemed to happen.  So after 35 minutes, I just took it out. (Honestly, since there are no eggs or dairy products in it, it’s not like you need to worry that it’s not cooked fully.)

I know it seems like a lot of instructions for one little recipe, but I did modify, and it seemed like some clarifications were necessary.

Chocolate Torte


Oh She Glows… Tonight it was Cream of Tomato Soup with Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons. Let me just say, those chickpea croutons are addictive!!! I could totally make batches of those just to have for snacks. They were crunchy and well seasoned.  You are supposed to sprinkle them in your soup, but we just ate them as is. Enough left over for a work snack tomorrow! Yea! The soup was great — creamy, filling, and yummy. I made a double batch, so I had to do it in batches in the food processor, but it didn’t matter since it all goes back into the same pot anyway. Good stuff!


 IMDb: Chocolate City (2015)


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