5 thoughts on “Last Will & Testament

  1. When my parents passed away unexpectedly, they left us with no will, no direction and no guidance on their wishes. We had to discuss everything and fortunately, as a family, we were always in agreement. Even when we weren’t in agreement, we talked it through and we were so fortunate our family didn’t crumble. As a result, I had conversations with my children about what we want, what our thoughts are. I think it’s easier to have that conversation for the first time when you are 40-something than when you are much older. I also think it’s very important to have the conversation about things in your house, in your life. Who gets Mom’s dishes? Who gets Dad’s tools? Save your family the heartache of having to decide those things on their own.

    • It’s good that you were able to work it out within your family. So many families do fall apart. Even the best of them. But you are right… I think about things like photos and recipes and things that are associated with family traditions. I agree they should be spelled out. Thanks for commenting!

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