The Story Teller

Today I got to attend a leadership session on “story telling”. It was pretty interesting and we got to pair up and practice telling stories, as well as listening. We learned to focus on the back bone of the story… what’s the most important message you want people to walk away with. We learned the importance of creating spaces where other people can share their stories, and the positive impact on relationship building. And one of the key messages: stories aren’t heard the way you tell them.  Every person listening brings their own experiences to the interpretation of the story. It was a really cool class, and I couldn’t help but think of my own story telling here in this space. I hope that my stories resonate with you. And I have enjoyed hearing your stories…I’m glad you have felt some “space” to share them.


I’ve had a new observation of my own health this week. In “the old days” (meaning pre-whole food plant based eating), I would crash in the afternoons. It was very hard for me to sit through a meeting in the afternoon, particularly if it was a few hours long. But the past two days I have had late meetings (well, late for me… I’m an early bird in the office). And I found myself still alert and engaged in those meetings. Granted one was the story telling event, but I couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t yawn. I wasn’t sluggish. I was an active participant. It was somewhat enlightening. I’m sure it’s been happening for a while, but this was the first time that it really hit me. Gott love having energy!


Some recipe reviews for you…

I got a new cookbook… the Engine 2 Diet. I didn’t read the whole book but thought I’d find some more “manly” recipes from those firefighters in Texas.  We tried the Ann’s Panini with Hummus, Mushrooms, and Spinach… We ate it, but didn’t love it. It looked so much better in the book.

Ditto the non-fried onion rings from the Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings. I guess some foods do taste better with a little oil…  🙂  I would probably not make either of these two things again.

However, also from Engine 2… Black Beans and Rice.  So very simple and yet this was one of the best things I’ve eaten. With a bunch of different toppings, it was a little different for everyone. Mine was topped with organic corn, beefsteak tomatoes, water chestnuts, avocado, green onions, and a tiny bit of salsa. I wish I had taken a picture… it even looked beautiful. Ethan enjoyed his as well, liking some black beans that didn’t have any onions in them. This one will definitely be a go-to recipe for me.

IMDb: The Story Teller (1925)


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