The Hospital

Today my husband went in for a routine hernia repair surgery. It was a long day — 7 hours just hanging out at the hospital. I wish they had used a short stay procedure facility, but we ended up at the hospital, where they all move quite slowly. All went well with the procedure, although he is definitely feeling some pain. Thank you, Tylenol 3. Hopefully the pain subsides quickly.

I spent most of the day pacing the hallways trying to get some steps on my FitBit (This led to numerous people asking me what I was looking for… apparently just walking around is viewed suspiciously!)

Anyway, some observations from the day…

  1. Wait times. We got to the hospital at 9:15, a bit earlier than we were advised (9:30). But they didn’t get David ready until 11:45. So for 2 1/2 hours, we just sat and waited. In my experience, this is the rule, not the exception at hospitals and doctors’ offices. Why not let you sleep in, or let you stay relaxed at home for all that time? Heck, I could have gotten a few loads of laundry done. (I am not a fan of non-productive time.) History shows they (hospitals) are NEVER early, or even slightly ahead of schedule. I find this practice to be disrespectful, and not in the patient’s best interest.
  2. Instructions to the patient were too fast and confusing. I have been very fortunate to have had excellent nurses in all of my care but today I was disappointed with my husband’s initial nurse.  She spoke too fast and half the stuff she said confused the heck out of me. She just threw some papers at David regarding hand sanitizers and how to have a good surgical experience.  Um, what? And then she made some odd comment about me hitting my head on the hand sanitizer dispenser and how it would come spraying out if I did. What?? I wasn’t even near it and certainly wouldn’t use my head for dispensing!  I wasn’t sure if she was implying I should move my chair or sanitize my hands! I’m guessing because they took so long to attend to David, they then had to rush to get him ready and good communication was lost in the process.
  3. Medical professionals who are clearly unhealthy… I think I would have a hard time taking medical advise from someone who is morbidly obese or a smoker, as examples. I’m not judging their lifestyle choices, but when it comes to health, I’d rather get my medical advise from someone who walks the walk. I was amazed at the number of people in white coats who looked like they were ready to have a heart attack.
  4. Hospital cafeteria food. Outside of the salad bar, there were very few healthy dishes to choose from. Chili (with cheese). Bacon and cheese pizza? Cold cuts. Fried chicken… I was worried that I wouldn’t find anything good to eat. Ultimately I chose a bowl of tomato soup with orzo. Or as it is called on Halloween, vampire blood with maggots. (Yep. Really.) Shouldn’t a hospital be held to higher standards for healthy food? (Of course, it could be their corporate strategy. After all, there are no profits in healthy people.)


When I got home, Ethan decided he did want to go trick-or-treating after all (after speaking to his friends at school), so we had to throw to get a quick costume, remnants of costumes from Halloweens past.  He called it “Last Minute Decision Man”. From what I could see of the other kids, there were a lot of those!  He caught up with friends and had a great time, so it was worth it. Happy Halloween, everyone!


IMDb: The Hospital (1971)


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