I pretty much never eat in our work cafeteria. I figure I can better control what and how much I eat if I pack my own lunch every day. But for a while there, I was actually buying my breakfast at work. Every day I would get a bowl of oatmeal, with a spoonful of brown sugar, some cinnamon, and some raisins or other fruit. It was a yummy, healthy breakfast… and convenient.

But the cafeteria couldn’t figure out how much to charge me. First it was $1.65. Then they decided oatmeal warranted the healthy food discount, which made sense, so they changed the price to $1.33. Woo hoo!  And then a week later, they said they were no longer giving the healthy discount on oatmeal (really???) and went back to charging me $1.65. Since I always took exact change to use up the coins in my purse, this annoyed me and I stopped getting the oatmeal. It was principle after all! (I mean, who doesn’t consider oatmeal healthy???)

In stopping the oatmeal, I stopped eating in the cafeteria altogether.

But today was a special day. The 25th anniversary of our company’s location in Scranton. There were speeches, games, contests, a deejay, and lots of fun activities. And… we had free food. They were great about having vegetarian options, so I had some eggplant parm, a little pasta and a “scoop” of roasted vegetables. I use the word “scoop” loosely, since I ended up with exactly three pieces of vegetables on my plate.  I suspect that they were roasted with lots of oil, so probably just as well.

I made an attempt to eat the parm and pasta. The pasta was white and mushy, so not so much there.  The eggplant was palatable, but very very salty. (As a salt-aholic, this is saying something!) Ah, the joys of processed foods. Within an hour, I was completely parched from the excess salt and I felt totally bloated. It reminded me of how I used to feel… when I ate processed crap all the time.

I don’t mean to sound unappreciative. It was a great day at work, with lots of laughs and celebrating. But it most certainly reminded me of why I don’t (and shouldn’t ever) eat in the cafeteria!  Or anywhere that is all processed foods.

I do use salt on my foods (see aforementioned reference to “salt-aholic”), but a lesson I learned from Dr. McDougall is to not cook with salt. Your taste buds will be happier with a little salt on top of the food, and you will use less. I do add salt to some foods, but rarely.


A few new recipes…

Forks Over Knives’ Spicoli Burgers. These were different and very good. I would definitely make them again and they reminded me of certain crab cakes, without the crab. One odd ingredient: Hemp seeds. (Really.) I found these at Wegman’s and I imagine any health food store would carry. They weren’t with the other seeds and nuts; I actually found them in the section with the protein mixes.  David and Ethan both enjoyed these and the batch made enough for leftovers for lunch. Oh, one other “odd” ingredient for newbies: tamari. I found this near the soy sauces.

Vegan Zucchini “Mozzarella” Sticks – These were really easy to make and were tasty. I think I should have baked them just a little longer for more crispness, but they were enjoyable.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse – made with avocados, cocoa powder, agave, and vanilla, the recipe I have is pretty simple. Throw the ingredients into the food processor, blend and refrigerate. I couldn’t find the exact recipe I have on-line, but here’s one from MindBodyGreen, and one from Giada.


Just a follow up on the sinus stuff… I went for a sinus CT scan last week and I’ll see the doctor again on the 28th. In the meantime, I started taking “Silver Shield” which seems to be helping…


IMDb: Cafeteria (2006)



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