That’s the sound of September flying by.

I know they say time flies when you are having fun (am I having fun?!?!) or times go faster as you get older (ok, that one is a little more plausible!), but 2014 continues to zip by at warp speed. September has been no exception. I haven’t posted since September 9th, and it actually seems further away than that.

First let me thank all of you who reached out to me during the past week or so. It was nice to be missed… I’m so glad you noticed. It made me feel great, and gave me an even greater desire to get back to writing on a more regular basis.

So, let’s see… what’s actually been happening since I last wrote…?

From a health perspective, there’s nothing exciting to report. (Thankfully. We do not like exciting.) I’ve had no appointments in September (for a change) and I’m feeling pretty good. Except for the continuing nagging pain in the roof of my mouth (sinuses?), all is well. As for that pain, I am planning to go see an ENT and assume it’s a benign issue. That doesn’t mean I don’t panic on the inside… this is life as a cancer survivor. Your irrational brain makes everything a cancer issue until proven otherwise.

We’ve been quite busy with back to school, Meet the Teachers, band practice, a flute gig, and some travel for work, which is its own level of crazy busy. Ethan is doing well with 8th grade, and Dad is still healing from his Moh’s surgery earlier in the month. My hubby is off to see a surgeon tomorrow about a hernia and is distraught that he won’t be able to work out for 6-8 weeks post-surgery. Perhaps this is a much needed rest for his body, as I am of the opinion he works out too hard and too much.

We started a weight loss challenge at work and are currently on week 3. Personally, I’m only at a 1.79% loss so far, but I’m determined. And, a loss is a loss. I’d love to lose 10 pounds during this 10 week challenge. It’s doable, but I need to remain focused. I’m eating all great foods, but still need to watch oils and (yes) cheese… which is still a big temptation for me. I don’t eat a lot of it, but I really need to eat “none” of it!

We tried some new recipes in September…

Vegan Taco Soup – This link is not the exact recipe I used, but it’s pretty close. This was pretty easy to make, everything in one pot, and I served it over brown rice.

Tuscan Bean with Basil Pesto and Mushrooms – I found this recipe in the Wegman’s magazine. It was one of the few recipes I thought I would make. I did eliminate the oil (saute’ in broth or water instead). I really enjoyed this one and it was only 150 calories per serving!

Forks Over Knives Lentil Soup with Cauliflower, Potatoes and Spinach – We liked but didn’t love this one. I can always tell by whether or not a) there are leftovers and b) how long those leftovers last. These sat in the fridge for a few days, so no one was rushing to finish it up.  Including me.

There are a few more new ones coming up this week (if I can get to Wegman’s to get some of the odd ingredients I need). Stay tuned!

IMDb: Whoosh! (short – 2009)



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