Renal Dealings

Ok, so yes, there is a movie title “Renal Dealings”… a mockumentary about black market kidneys!  Too funny!

As you probably guessed, the subject of today’s blog is my kidneys. Today was my follow up appointment with my urologist and, after all my tests and his review of the disk from my ER CT scan, he pronounced my kidneys… “beautiful”. Yes, beautiful. Even more beautiful than his own, he said. He can’t even tell which kidney had the surgery (which he says every time I see him.)

My 24-hour urine collection yielded a healthy volume (yes, I did cram for the test by drinking lots of what the day of and the day before the test!), a health pH, and normal levels for pretty much everything. Whew.  So why the ER visit? He can only surmise that I was dehydrated, with high levels of uric acid, and possibly a stone. But, in general, he thought I was doing great.

I love it when I get good news, but dislike having a definitive answer on the pain / ER visit.


At any rate, yesterday was also my quarterly visit with my naturalist and my kidneys were one of the highlights of the discussion there as well.

The biofeedback scan actually showed only one organ out of whack: my pineal gland. This is not surprising since I have been struggling with sleep for a few months now and have trouble getting out of bed most mornings. My pineal gland is just pooped. Melatonin hasn’t worked for in the past, so I’m going to try 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), which helps regulate appetite, mood and sleep, and helps the body adapt to stress. I purchased this a while ago but never took it for some reason. Time to give it a whirl. I may also try “Herbal Sleep”.

And the other thing that showed up was (surprise!) my kidneys. So for that, I will try a “urinary maintenance” blend (key ingredients: asparagus stem and hydrangea root). The hydrangea helps rid your body of uric acid. (I did mention this to my urologist and he totally rolled his eyes, which I expected. I like to see how open my docs are to such stuff…)

Anyway, I will continue to take all my herbals for hormone support, as well as heavy metal detox and lymphatic support. Interestingly, lead came up as my heavy metal this time. We suspect it has to do with inhaling gas fumes while pumping gas the other day, when the fumes were particularly strong for some reason. So be careful when you are pumping gas, keep your head turned away from the gas nozzle to protect yourself from these toxins.


New recipe: Isa’s Phyllo Pot Pie
I couldn’t find a link to Isa’s recipe, but here’s one that’s similar.  Although it took a bit more work than most recipes I look for, I think it was worth it. I didn’t use the seitan (wheat gluten) because it just seems like fake meat. I used chick peas instead.  Ethan called it “chick pea pot pie”!


IMDb: Renal Dealings (2005)


4 thoughts on “Renal Dealings

  1. Great news!

    As far as the kidney pain, I can attest, a stone is quite painful and makes sense that that may have been what it was.

    What kind of herbal hormones are you taking? I just started a new one that is wonderful for sleep. I will pass it along if you are interested.

    • For herbal hormones, I take wild yam, black cohosh, flash-ease (a blend), and women’s x-action. I get them from Nature’s Sunshine. I also take Vitamin D3 which is also for hormone support.
      I would definitely be interested in knowing the herbal that you take for sleep. Thanks!

  2. Michele,

    I use Phyto B by Bezweken. I get it at my chiropractor’s office. It used to come in pellet form that dissolved under your tongue. Now they have reformulated it and are calling it Phyto b 4x. It is now in a dropper form and it mixed with Bran oil and Coconut oil, along with plant estriol and progesterone and vitamin E. I take it about 30 minutes before going to bed, have no hot flashes or sleep issues. I think you can even order it online.

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