Two Years at Sea

Today is the second anniversary of my diagnosis with breast cancer. I will never forget exactly where I was standing (in EPCOT, near the Chinese gate, along the lake) when the call came. It was just before lunchtime and my cell phone rang. I knew before I looked who it was and what the message would be. It was the radiologist who had done my biopsy just five short days earlier.

I knew from the moment of the biopsy that it was cancer. I probably knew even before that, as the discomfort and hardness of my breast had increased over the prior few months. It was more worrisome waiting for the news than it was actually hearing it.

We picked at our lunches at the Chinese restaurant while David and I furiously Google’d the cancer type on our iPhones in silence and wondered separately what it would all mean. At that time, we only knew “Invasive Lobular Carcinoma”. It wouldn’t be until much later that we would learn the stage, size, etc. It was a day I will never forget and that would change my life in a hundred ways (including, but not limited to: enlightenment of the food-health connection, transformation of the way we eat, disillusionment with the American standard of healthcare, the ability to inform and influences hundreds of people through this blog, and a new perspective for life, in general).

I imagine it’s an anniversary I will count each and every year, for as long as I can. And I will be grateful for each of those anniversaries — and every day in between.


IMDb: Two Years At Sea (2011)


8 thoughts on “Two Years at Sea

  1. I’m coming up on my 13th diagnosis anniversary on 12/31/14 and every year I remember that moment that changed my life ~ and every day I am grateful that I am here ~ I hold precious every day that has been given to me since that moment. I know you do as well. Sending heartfelt hugs to you, I know it wasn’t the ‘club’ you wished to join, but now that you are here, know that you inspire others every single day. ♥

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