Well Oiled

I’ve seen many articles and posts about the benefits of oil pulling, so I wanted to try it myself. For those of you who don’t know what oil pulling is, it is, essentially, swishing coconut oil (or some other vegetable oil) in your mouth for about 20 minutes a day. You then spit it out, along with (allegedly) loads of toxins.

Oil pulling claims to have numerous health benefits, including: whiter teeth, healthier gums, increased energy, clearer sinuses, clearer skin, and improved PMS symptoms. See more at: Yoganonymous

I use words like “allegedly” and “claims” because there are also a fair number of articles tha offer a contrary opinion. There are people who swear by this, and those that think it’s nonsense. So I thought I would give it a try myself. The first time I tried it (a few months ago), I struggled with the texture of the oil (in it’s solid form) when I first put it in my mouth. It melted immediately, of course, but it was weird initially. I also had a hard time swishing for longer than 2-3 minutes. After just two days, I gave it up.

This week, however, I decided I wanted to try it again. I feel like my gums are started to recede a bit, I have a lot of tooth sensitivity, and who doesn’t want whiter teeth?? So again, I cringed with putting the solid oil in my mouth, but I kept it up and managed to do 6-7 minutes each day this week. I’m working my way up! In the post that I noted above from Yoganonymous, she suggested doing it while you are in the shower, so I may try that tomorrow to see if it gets me swishing for a longer period of time.

So far I do feel a difference with my gums. They feel healthier, and on one particularly bothersome tooth, I noticed a big difference. No change in whiteness yet, but I think I’ll keep it up for a while and see how it goes. (Oh, and one thing that made it easier? The hot temperatures the past few days melted the oil. I find it much easy to take the oil in a liquid form!)


New recipe: Forks Over Knives Lentil Vegetable Soup
David enjoyed it; Ethan thought it was good, but not great, and I would agree with Ethan. I think it needed more seasonings (other than salt and pepper, there are no seasonings in the recipe), and perhaps it would have helped if I remembered to add the spinach at the end. The good thing was that I was able to do it in the InstantPot. Set the timer this morning to start the pot in 8 hours. It then cooked for 2 hours and put itself on “warm” afterwards. Pretty sweet!


IMDb: Well Oiled (1947)


6 thoughts on “Well Oiled

  1. Michelle – tried the oil pulling this morning. Only did it for 10 minutes but will try to keep it up.

  2. Michele,
    I’ve been pulling coconut oil for months and feel a unbelivable difference. I however don’t have an issue with keeping it my mouth for the 20 minutes. I usually play a game on the computer. I have noticed whitening and all the other benefits. I am not convinced any other oil would work as well as the coconut. I am a huge fan of coconut oil. I could with it constantly and love all the benefits.

  3. I do oil pulling and use sesame oil… The first time I put to much in my mouth and nearly choked but now I just use a small amount i find something to occupy myself but usually only do it for ten minutes… Not sure about toxins but the plaque has melted away and my teeth are white and shiney… My daughter noticed and thought i had had a teeth whitening done!!! I think my mouth feels healthier!!! I only do it two or three times a week and clean teeth after.. 😃😃

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