Rice Girl

I previously mentioned that I got an Instant Pot for my birthday and I finally got a chance to use it tonight. I started with something easy: rice. Since it is a pressure cooker, I was sure to read all the instructions and safeguards since I didn’t want it to explode or anything. I then reviewed, washed and assembled the parts (not many), and was ready to roll. I added the rice and water to the pot, put the lid on and pressed the “rice” button.  That’s it.

The pot “knows” how long to cook based on the weight of the items in the pot. Instead of 45 minutes, and boiling over on the stove (which always happens to me when I make rice), my rice was done in 10 minutes, with no mess!!!  And once it finished cooking, it automatically put it on “warm” until I was ready for it. The rice came out perfectly cooked and sticky, just the way I like it. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other features and checking out the recipe book that came with it. I’ll keep you all posted as I do.

So what did I do with all that rice? I made another McDougall recipe: Spinach-Rice Enchiladas found in this McDougall newsletter. Easy to make, although it took me a little more than the 10 minutes estimated for prep time. (Of course, I’m counting make the rice, which the cookbook assumes you had done ahead of time.)

Since I made a big batch of rice, I’m going to try some brown rice for breakfast with this recipe, using it similarly to oatmeal: Brown Rice Breakfast

I still haven’t tried my wild rice from Minnesota.  I wonder if I can make that in my Instant Pot. I’ll have to give it a shot!


IMDb: Rice Girl (2003)


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