Feeling Minnesota

As part of the Facebook groups and other blogs and forums I follow, I often hear about how people struggle with getting good food choices when the visit friends or family. It seems that the majority of them do not feel supported with their lifestyle choices. I have to say, quite honestly, that I have never experienced that! I have been blessed by family and friends who go out of their way to make sure that they have choices for me. They ask ahead of time, they research on their own, and they challenge themselves to make healthy options (sometimes vegan, but minimally vegetarian) for me. And they never make me feel guilty — they always seem genuinely happy to do it for me.  What more could a girl ask for?!?!

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Minnesota to visit friends. We had so much good, healthy food! Smoothies, oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  Delicious salads, black bean burgers, quinoa & spinach cakes… the list goes on. And luckily, Minnesota seems to be ahead of the Pennsylvania curve when eating out. Many healthy options on the menus. The whole culture seems much more focused on organic and healthy choices. We bought some wild brown rice to take home (who knew Minnesota grew rice…?) but had to walk away from a few other things, as they would likely be confiscate by the TSA. I took a lot of business cards, though, and may just have to order some of this stuff at home.

A new salad dressing recipe from my friend, Gina:  Apple Jalapeno Jam (or any jalapeno jam) with a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  Mix that up and toss in your salad.  Delicious, and easy!!  (The jalapeno jam was one of the things I wanted to purchase, but will have to order online when I get home, or look locally.)

I’m really enjoying my long weekend in Minnesota. I’ve learned a lot about the area and have just enjoyed some relaxing time with my hubby and friends. Today I celebrate my 52nd birthday! I treasure each and every one of them, as you can never be sure you’ll have another.  Thank you, all, for the birthday wishes!!


IMDb: Feeling Minnesota (1996)


4 thoughts on “Feeling Minnesota

  1. I am a work-in-progress healthy eater. Pretty much eliminated red meat, but still chicken and fish (non-organic ), replaced skim milk with almond milk, try to limit shopping to the peripheral aisles,etc. etc. No sure, I will ever become a vegan. My 22-year-old granddaughter has been a vegetarian since she was 17. We always to meet her nutritional needs. I appreciate the information you share in your posts.

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