It was quite the weekend of fireworks for us this weekend! Friday we traveled to visit family and friends in western Pennsylvania and, after the 2+ hour parade down Main Street, shivered our way through fireworks there.  Saturday we returned home and attended fireworks at our school’s football field. It was slightly warmer, but still pretty chilly.

And then last night we had our postponed Crystal Band concert in a nearby town square. The concert was great (I think our best concert of the season) and it was actually pretty warm for the fireworks. Seemed to get a little warmer each night.

With all these Independence Day celebrations came some bad eating. While managing to stay vegetarian (and just a tad shy of vegan), it wasn’t all good. Lots of fried foods and lots of sugar. (French fries. Funnel cakes. Cookies.) Luckily, I managed to keep my weight flat, but my stomach felt awful. After you’ve been eating healthy, all that junk food is even worse. I can’t believe that’s the stuff that I ate every day. Today it was back on track ~ my digestive tract is so grateful!



I finally finished reading (yes, reading) the McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook. I have tons of pages earmarked and can’t wait to try them all! I found the supplementary information in between recipes quite thought-provoking as well. I definitely recommend this cookbook! I’ll be sure to share the recipes as I try them out.


IMDb: Fireworks (1997)


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