Fork in the Road

I watched Forks Over Knives last week with my husband. It was his first time and I had promised that if he would watch this movie with me, I would stop nagging him on what he eats. We watched it over two nights due to work schedules and my fairly early bedtime, and he did manage to stay awake (well, for most of it).

I first watched it in 2012, right after my double mastectomy, during my recovery period. It was enlightening then but that was before I had really heard of most of the doctors featured in the documentary. It was fun watching it a second time, considering I have read the majority of their books and heard several of them lecture. I’d like to think watching it was enlightening for David also, but time will tell. It will be difficult in the meantime to keep my promise to stop my food nagging!

I’d like him to also watch some of the videos from the McDougall conference I attended in February. For a small fee, we are able to watch those videos for 6 months, and my time is running out. The last time we tried to watch one of them, he totally fell asleep early on (and it was probably the most entertaining of all of the videos…). So I suspect I will be re-watching them all myself. I’ve got less than 2 months to get through them all again. I better get moving!


Enjoy your holiday, everyone!!



IMDb: Fork in the Road (1996)


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