In Their Skin

It’s a good idea to have your skin checked every now and then, especially if you have any history of abnormal moles, as I do. This morning I was off to an early appointment with the dermatologist for my annual full body scan. I do try to carefully watch all of my moles, looking for any changes. I am always considering color, size, symmetry, shape…but it’s hard to look everywhere.  So I’m glad to have a professional check my skin out once a year. I’m happy to report everything looked normal today.

Out of the blue, my dermatologist started asking me if I had done any diet changes due to my cancer history. We embarked on a lengthy conversation about whole food plant based diets. Apparently her two children are vegan and she was thrilled to hear what I was doing. It’s always nice to have a conversation with someone in the health care profession who is open to this lifestyle as a way to improve health.

In addition to my appointment, I had also had made an appointment for my dad. He had a non-melanoma skin cancer back in 2006 and hasn’t been back for a follow up since right after her surgical procedure. He’s had this “new” spot on his nose for some time now, and it keeps opening up. I figured he was overdue to have it checked.

And Dad was just thrilled to be there. He’s not one to go to the doctor and certainly doesn’t like a fuss, so he was a little annoyed with the whole thing. When the doctor asked him what was bothering him, he answered “nothing is bothering me, but it’s bothering everybody else.” The doctor noticed the spot on his nose right away and indicated he needed to do a biopsy.  No surprise here.

The doc indicated that the shot of Novacaine would hurt (a lot), but Dad didn’t even flinch. The biopsy was over in no time, and the doctor said he suspected that it would turn out to be cancerous. We should have results back next week.

He then asked Dad if “there was anything else”. Dad said no, but I mentioned some spots on his ears and sides of his face. Sure enough, precancerous cells were spotted. The doctor promptly froze them off with what looked like a can of WD-40.  Again, Dad didn’t even flinch. (He did mention later that it was really cold…) In the end, it was good we went, but it’s likely he will need a procedure to remove the cancer. Stay tuned.


New recipe: McDougall’s Quick & Easy Cookbook – Artichoke Pasta Sauce. It was (surprise) quick and easy, and I enjoyed the tangy flavor. I do love artichokes, so this was an easy sauce over pasta. I didn’t use the whole bell pepper, since I’m not a fan of green peppers, but a little bit was fine. Over multi-grain penne pasta. Yum!


IMDb: In Their Skin (2012)


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