It’s In the Water

I had my appointment with my urologist this morning. He was quite pleased with the results of my recent labs and MRI, stating that he can’t even tell where he did surgery on my right kidney back in 2008. So all good on the renal cell carcinoma front.

I filled him in on the weekend’s ER visit and he reminded me that I was there back in the Fall with complaints of “urgency”. I had forgotten about that…I had even asked him to do an ultrasound at that time…just to be safe. He said that the symptoms back then, combined with this weekend’s symptoms, makes him think I am excreting too much uric acid (“hyperuricosuri”), which may cause stones.

I, of course, Googled hyperuricosuri tonight, and the cause that really stood out to me was the bullet that read “exercise / dehydration”.

As someone who chronically does not drink enough water, this is no surprise. And yes, it’s yet another reminder of why I should drink more water. I do drink water… outside of my morning tea, it’s pretty much all I drink. I just don’t drink enough. Time to start tracking this. I dug out my HydraCoach water bottle but it keeps resetting on me, so it didn’t track the 20 ounces I drank after dinner. Oh well, at least I drank them. I have a giant cup on my desk, but I don’t know how many ounces is holds. I guess the name of the game is to keep drinking.

Of course it could have been the exercise, too! 🙂 No, I’m pretty sure it’s my ongoing water issue.

So to make a long story short, I need to do a lovely 24-hour urine collection, as well as calcium, PTH, and uric acid tests. Yea.


I’ve been trying to read some meditations every day. I don’t officially “meditate”, but just reading the meditations brings forth some mindfulness and gives me something to think of in times of stress. I loved this one from healing perspective:

If there is a place in your body that is sick or in pain, take this time to become aware of it and send it your love. Breathing in, allow this area to rest and, breathing out, smile at it with great tenderness and affection. Be aware that there are other parts of your body that are still strong and healthy. Allow these strong areas to send their strength and energy to the weak or sick area. Breathe in and affirm your own capacity to heal, breathe out and let go of the worry or fear you may be holding.”



IMDb: It’s In the Water (1997)


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