Easy Come, Easy Go

My latest cook book purchase is “The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook”.  I’ve been trying to go more the way of the McDougall Diet (starch based, with fruits and vegetables, no animal products, no oil).  Not all of my current repertoire of plant based recipes fall into this category (since I was using oil and cheese occasionally) and I was looking to find more McDougall recipes. The title on this one caught my eye… quick AND easy??? It was a must-buy.

I am only a third of the way through the cook book and I have earmarked about 20 pages. There are TONS of recipes I want to try.  I started with tonight’s Cajun Gumbo. I only chopped onions, peppers and celery, but most of that I ran through my little Cuisinart hand blender/chopper. The rest of the recipe called for frozen ingredients (corn, lima beans, okra) and canned tomatoes. Add some spices and done. I think I will add some brown rice (the steam-in-the-bag kind, of course) but it truly was quick and easy.

The other great thing about the book is the information that is contained in between the recipes. A few things that struck me so far:

  • The foods that used to be eaten at feasts or holidays are now consumed every day. For example, we now eat like Easter for breakfast, Christmas for lunch, Thanksgiving for dinner, and like a birthday party for after-dinner dessert. I just thought that was a fascinating way to look at how American consumption has gotten out of control.
  • An acute illness is the result of a “single injury” (a broken bone, an infection, etc.). Chronic illness (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.) is the result of repeated injuries and to solve the illness, you must find the source of the repeated injury. In many cases, the repeated injury comes from the foods we consume.

I thought both of those items provided a different way of looking at food.

Look for more recipe suggestions as I work my way through this book!

IMDb: Easy Come, Easy Go (1967)


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