It’s time for my annual follow up with my urologist on the kidney cancer front, so I had to go for blood work, a chest x-ray, and an abdominal MRI this week.  (August will be six years.) The MRI is in place of a CT scan because I have decided that I’ve had enough radiation for one lifetime.  I try to avoid it when I can, but there are not a lot of options for chest x-rays. My appointment with the doc is on the 30th, so I’ll hold my breath, as I always do, until I get the results. Not that I am expecting anything to show up, but I’ve learned that you just never know.

Today I actually opted to go see my primary care doctor. I haven’t seen him in years, it seems, but I have been having sinus headaches for about 2 months that have just been driving me crazy. In particular, the roof of my mouth has been throbbing (in addition to the usual sinus pressure above and around my eyes) and that has never happened before. I didn’t have any other “sinus infection” symptoms, so I put it off for quite a while. But today I just had enough of the pain and pressure.  And, of course, as a two-time survivor, my brain is wired to automatically go to worse case scenario.  Rationale brain says “it’s nothing”; emotional brain says “there’s something wrong”.

So, it was definitely time to go check it out.  I didn’t get a chance to call the doctor until about 2:30, and surprisingly they called me back with a 5:00 appointment.

The funny thing is when the doctor opened the door, he said “wow! you look amazing!”.  He carried on about how good I looked and even told me I had a “glow”.  He asked what I was doing and we had a long talk about eating a whole food plant based diet.  He asked me a bunch of questions: “You don’t eat ANY meat? Not even chicken or turkey? Is there anything you miss? What did you eat for dinner last night?” At least he didn’t ask me where I get my protein!

I talked to him about The China Study and rattled off a list of my WFPB heros: Dr. Campbell, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, and Dr. Montgomery. He said, “wow, you’re really into this!” Yep. I believe it’s critical to my chances for long term survival for me.

He thought it was too late for him, but I assured him it wasn’t. I was surprised at how receptive he was, but the results were right in front of him. Can’t argue with living proof, I guess!

When we finally got to my examination, he really couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but yet, there is the constant sinus pain and pressure. His conclusion was that I have inflammation due to allergies and/or the weather.  And without a CT scan of the sinuses, he couldn’t really confirm too much more.

When he got to his recommendations, he actually said he was afraid to talk to me, as he suspected I would turn down most of his recommendations!  Too funny. Anyway, we found a plan I could live with… I will start with Claritan, Mucinex-D and a steroidal nasal spray for a few days and see if that works. If I still have pain, he gave me prescription for an antibiotic and a steroid (I don’t really plan to use either).  And if that doesn’t work, then he would send me to my ENT. My fingers are crossed that the Claritan and Mucinex work.

He did also give me a script for a full set of blood work. I don’t think he believed me when I said my cholesterol and triglycerides dropped so significantly.  🙂


I tried a new recipe tonight: Potato Chowder
It was pretty easy to make.  Instead of putting it in the blender, I used my immersion blender a little bit, but I like my soup chunky, so I didn’t feel the need to puree.  I also added frozen corn to the soup, as it felt more like a chowder to me that way.  And I used almond milk instead of rice or soy.  Ethan wasn’t thrilled with it, but David and I both at two big bowls.


IMDb: Doctored (2012)
(This movie actually looks interesting…IMDb description says: “An investigation into the “monopoly” of the medical industrial complex and how Americans are viewed as patients.” Hmm…)


One thought on “Doctored

  1. I hope the OTC meds work for you. A lot of people seem to be suffering with allergies really late this year. The pediatrician said mold was very prevalent too.

    I’ve been making a conscious effort to avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible lately. I’ve had digestive issues for years, and I seem to do better with fewer carbs.

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