The Trail

As I was reviewing my stats, I realized I missed a milestone… I was hoping to mark my 400th blog, but missed it with my sporadic writing of late. So here is #402!  I actually never thought I’d even write 100 posts, never mind 400.


I’ve been doing a pretty good job of getting some exercise, at least this past week. Shooting hoops with my hubby a few days, and today, David, Ethan and I got in 6.5 miles biking.  It was a gorgeous day for a bike ride — warm and sunny but not humid.  The trail is pretty shaded, so no worries about too much sun.  6.5 miles is our current record, and we’re picking up in our mph as well.  Just trying to do a little bit more each time.  Here’s what our trail (Lackawanna Heritage Trail) looks like:



Isn’t it beautiful?  So peaceful!

The only thing I have to watch with both forms of exercise is the lymphodema in my right arm.  It’s really nothing compared to the lymphodema that others have to endure, but I do feel it when I overdo it.  I’m hoping over time, as I get more fit, strong and active, it won’t bother me as much.


Last year, I was so gung ho on gardening.  This year? I’d still love to have a garden but it’s June 7th already and I have done nothing.  No plants, no seeds started, no planning at all. And when I look at my schedule, I’m thinking it’s just not going to happen this year. I just haven’t had the time, so I will have to live vicariously through my neighbors, who are planting a lovely garden. I asked if they would be my local farmers’ market!  My plans for next year are to disassemble the swing set / playhouse in the backyard and plant a nice size garden within the fenced in area.  I better get started now!


I posted the following article on my Facebook page, but for those of you not connected there, I wanted to share it again. I think the topic is so scary: 28.7 millions pounds of antibiotics (80% of all antibiotics manufactured in the US) are used annually in animal feed… this leads to antibiotic resistant infections in human.  Antibiotic resistance.


IMDb: The Trail (2006)


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