The Sound of Music

I have really just not been able to find time to write as much as I would like these past few months. The crazy schedule continues and am just praying for a little bit of normalcy. That’s probably wishful thinking as June, July, and August look just as crazy.

On a good note, however, the college reunion I was working on went off without a hitch. It was so great to see everyone and 30 years was like yesterday when reuniting with old friends. I even made a bunch of new friends from other classes. There were 24 music grads and professors in attendance… about 35 people in total for our affinity group… and we represented 5 decades!  It was a blast and worth all the time and energy I had put into it.  It was so much fun re-living our music major days and we even got to play and sing at a church service in the afternoon.

IMG_6447  r 1

The love and laughter of the weekend really warmed my heart.  And I know it’s good for my health!  I even had my own built-in music therapy with Ethan’s piano recital on Sunday and band practice on Monday!  A few more rehearsals and a few concerts for the summer and then a break…


I’ve discovered a new group on Facebook that I’m really enjoying “PB&J… Plant Based Junkies”. It’s a wonderful support group where people ask specific questions and get the collective wisdom of hundreds of more experienced whole-food plant based eaters. I highly recommend it for those of you who are trying to do plant-based diets. Many of the participants follow the McDougall diet, and I’m learning so much from them. On occasion, I even find I can contribute to the conversation!  There’s also a website: (I bought myself some cool tee shirts… can’t wait for them to arrive!)


IMDb: The Sound of Music (1965)



4 thoughts on “The Sound of Music

  1. Hello my friend,
    Taking a prayerful pause in my friday morning to connect and say HI 🙂 I thought about you and your reunion and knew you would have a blast and add some much joy to the ones placed in your path.
    I will pass this website on PB & Js to some friends that will love the info. For myself, I am a carnivore 🙂
    Photoola and I and another friend are headed to Greece the end of next month, needless to say, I and we are sooooo excited! My first trip abroad and I am going to go with eyes of wonder and at times follow Photoola like a puppy dog(wagging my tail of course) with her experience and friendship.
    Photoola and I speak of returning to PA one of these days to visit and reconnect with our friend from last summer, old and new. Until then, know that you are loved from here.

    • Hi Steph!!! How wonderful to hear from you!! I love the “prayerful pause”… we should all do more of that! 🙂 The PB&J website is great, and they also have a Facebook page ( that I totally love. Lots of great dialogue, helpful hints, recipes, etc.
      Wow! Greece! How wonderful for you! And I think traveling their with Phootola will certainly have it’s benefits. Always great to go with someone who knows that they are doing! I’ve been to Europe a few times, but never to Greece. My ultimate vacation dream is a Mediterranean cruise, with a stop in Greece, of course! I can’t wait to hear all about it… don’t forget to take lots of pics!
      We would love to see you again, so please let us know if you make the trek west. There’s so much more I want to learn about you both, my soul sisters! Love you!! Michele

  2. love you back. see that ultimate vacation happening 🙂 as you think, so shall you be. i will pass on this info for sure.

  3. Awwww, this made my day!! So happy to have you in the PBJ Family. Always look forward to awesome conversations in the group and sharing delicious, healthy recipes. Happy to hear you are benefiting from it.

    Your fellow PBJ sista,

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