Girl in the News

As I was watching tonight’s evening news, my ears perked up when I heard about the study that showed some of the longer term impacts of breast cancer. Specifically, the study showed that 30% of the women in said study (all who had early stage breast cancer) were unemployed four years later. The most effected were those who had chemotherapy, suggesting that there are long term impacts to cognition and physical activity. Those of us who have undergone chemotherapy certainly didn’t need a study to tell us that there are, indeed, long term impacts. Personally, my short term memory is shot (my husband will attest to that!) and, I still feel the collective surgery-chemo-radiation impacts on my body.  Here’s the article from Science Daily:

Unemployment common after breast cancer


Here another interesting article by Dr. Michael Gregor ( that talks about the benefits of reducing your cholesterol to inhibit cancer growth. Conversely, it discusses that taking cholesterol-lowing medicines doesn’t offer the same benefit. In fact, it seems to double the risk.  One way to lower cholesterol, and get the benefits of lower cancer risk and lower heart disease risk?  Whole food, plant based diet!

Statin Cholesterol Drugs and Invasive Breast Cancer


IMDb Girl in the News (1940)


2 thoughts on “Girl in the News

  1. If the chemo doesn’t affect your memory, the lack of estrogen certainly will! And I think that after breast cancer, women tend to reassess their priorities. Maybe working doesn’t seem like all it was cracked up to be when time may be limited. I know not everyone can make that choice, but at least we can do something we enjoy more.

    • I totally agree about the priorities! Cancer (or any illness or life tragedy for that matter) certainly gives one perspective about what truly matters. The women highlighted on the news were definitely women who wanted to work and, in fact, were economically devastated because they couldn’t work. I’m sure there are many reasons, but I like that it makes other people realize that cancer is never really “done”. People think once you’re done with treatment, life goes back to normal. But it never does. Have a great day, my friend!

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