Eyes Wide Shut

I have been long overdue for an eye exam, having put it off during chemo and then procrastinated in getting it on the calendar. So today was finally the day. I knew my vision had worsened and I, of course, blame my cancer treatment for part of it.

Is there really a correlation? I have no idea. But my floaters have been worse since treatment and I really try to avoid driving (much to my husband’s dismay), especially at night, because I haven’t been seeing as well as I once did. It’s been 14 years since I had my LASIK procedure, and at the age of 51, I guess I can’t complain too much.

So after my exam, which included dilation and putting the 50,000 watt lights in my eyes, I learned that my vision isn’t as bad as I thought.  Both my distance and near vision have declined, and I have some cataracts forming. I’m a little young for that and his recommendations were to wear my sunglasses more often (admittedly I’m bad about that) and to take vitamin C.

He also suggested a pair of cheaters for when I need help up close, and he gave me a prescription for a pair for when distance is a problem (driving, movies, etc.). I don’t need either all the time, but it will require toting two pair of glasses around. This is better than the option proposed by the student who first examined me: bifocals! The doctor didn’t think I was ready for that, thankfully.

Which brings me to my gripe for the night… the students. I totally understand they need to learn, but I just don’t think it needs to be at my expense every time I go. I am SO light sensitive and I find it extremely painful to have those mega watt lights shone into my eyes. Once is bad enough, but twice?? Usually I just submit to both, and then I get mad at myself for not speaking up. Today was different though! I was cranky after being there for 2 hours and I said “no”. I didn’t want my dilated eyeballs subjected twice. (It actually felt pretty good that they actually honored my request!)


When I got home, I had to do some Googling on cancer treatment and eye problems. Where I was blaming chemo, it was interesting to read that cataracts can form from steroids and radiation.  Eye problems and cancer

bright light


It’s been another night of baking for me.  Tomorrow is a “bake off” at work, so I did a lemon pie (I’m an expert now) and the wonderful vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (recipe has been featured in this blog numerous times).  I also made the zesty quinoa salad again for another work party.

One of the things that I learned recently on Facebook that helped me with my lemon pies is the secret to successfully and easily separating the egg yolks from the whites.  Check this out:  Eggs

And while we’re on tips, here’s another for slicing tomatoes.  Where have these tricks been my whole life?  🙂  Tomatoes


IMDb Eyes Wide Shut (1999)


One thought on “Eyes Wide Shut

  1. I felt like my vision got worse after treatment too, but when I got it checked it was only a slight difference for far vision. My near vision is pretty bad now.

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