The Winning Team

I have the best team in the world!  They really are awesome for lots of reasons, but today we came together for a “build a salad” day.  Everyone signed up to bring an ingredient, and we had the best salad bar I have ever seen! We all enjoyed a healthy lunch together and there was even a banner to congratulate the 2013 healthy team winners.  It was very enjoyable, and healthy to boot!  We even have enough left over to do it again tomorrow.

Since I was a late-comer to the sign up sheet, all the easy stuff was taken.  I wanted to bring a unique item, so I searched for something I could do with quinoa.  I found a recipe for Zesty Quinoa Salad, and I thought it was great.


I was looking back at my blog from a year ago and it was this time last year that I went “scarf-less” for the first time.  It was a huge step for me, since my hair was still SO short, but I was just so sick of wearing them.  Hard to believe it was this short just a year ago.

april 2013

Although I have to say it hasn’t grown quite the way I’d like.  The bangs, which I want to grow fast have not been cut in 15 months and are creeping finally to a decent length. The sides and back, that I don’t want to grow, needs to be cut every couple weeks.  I’m not complaining — I always said I’d never have another bad hair day!  I guess I’m just happy that I have hair and that it came in pretty much the same as it was pre-chemo.


The days continue to fly by.  I’m glad tomorrow’s Friday, but I wish the time would slow down just a bit so I can get caught up.  Next week is Easter and I am not ready.  It’s also my hubby’s birthday.  Um, nope.  Not ready for that either.  (Sorry, David!)  I’m trying to just breathe and take it one thing at a time, but that’s easier said than done.  I guess at some point I’ll catch up.


IMDb The Winning Team (1952)



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