Girl on a Bicycle

Before I had breast cancer, my husband and I would periodically take mountain bikes to the local state park and ride the trails. It’s obviously been a while since we rode, but we are determined this is our year to get moving again. (Ok, I really mean MY year… David exercises almost every day; I’m the one who has been too inactive this 1 1/2 years…) David even bought new bikes for us both for extra incentive.

This morning, despite temperatures in the high 30s, David got the bike rack mounted on the car and the bikes loaded. Off we went. In retrospect, we should have started with a flatter trail, but no. We picked a trail with some pretty decent hills. In fact, it starts with a hill, and after about the first quarter mile, my legs were on fire!

It got a little better after that, for a while anyway, and it was quite fun. Like swinging, biking is one if those activities that takes me back to my childhood. So as I coasted down a giant hill and the cool (cold?) wind whipped around my face, I thought a lot about my mom when we were young. And I thought about riding bikes in the driveway and through the yard. I remembered the bikes with the banana seats and skidding to a stop in the dirt; of dropping the bike to run into the house for a drink of water. I thought of all the valuable baseball cards we ruined in the spokes. And my favorite bike memory: the time my dad ran over my bike because we had been playing cowboys and I had hitched my “horse” to the back bumper of his car. Oops! I remember that bike so well. It was blue with a white wicker basket with pink flowers on the front. I even remember picking it out at the store with my parents. Nice memories.

We managed to bike about an hour, with us both needing to walk the bike up some of the hills. I was doing some serious deep breathing!  It was a lot of fun and great exercise! Yes, I will be sore tomorrow (I’m actually starting to feel it NOW), but it was just what I needed. After all, diet AND exercise reduce your cancer risk.

I can’t wait until we go again–I love my new “horse”. 🙂


By the way, I had to include this photo… it’s just like the basket I had when I was a kid!



Girl on a Bicycle (2013) –


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