The Motivation

As I have mentioned previously, a group of people I work with (across 4 states) comes together once a month to support each other with our health goals.  Our “healthy team”, you may recall, won the annual award for health results, beating out teams from across the country.  We were super proud of that, and we are striving for a repeat in 2014.  We continue our monthly meetings and support of each other’s new goals.

Yesterday’s meeting included a discussion around “motivation”, as requested by one of our newest members. It was an interesting conversation and, after a few people spoke, it was clear that there was a catalyst in all cases — something that prompted us to start making some changes.  For most, it was a high cholesterol score, family pushing for their loved one to get healthier, or a major health scare.  The latter was clearly the case for me.  My first cancer didn’t prompt enough change, but the second one surely did.  I really am trying my best to not get a third cancer, and I think of that with every bite of food that passes my lips.

I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic, but eating right feels like a life-or-death scenario for me. I need to nourish and care for my body if I have any hopes of seeing my son grow up or of growing old with my hubby. It struck me, though, that it is usually a scare of some kind that moves us to action.  We know what we should be doing to be healthy… eat right, exercise more, get sufficient sleep, limit alcohol, don’t smoke… and we know what constitutes “eating right”.  It isn’t rocket science.

So why does it take a health scare before we are motivated to healthy activities?  Is there a belief that “it won’t happen to me”?  Do we have so much faith in modern medicine that we trust someone will bring us back from the brink, that we can just take a pill and it will be all better? Wouldn’t it be great if we made the changes before we got sick? That we avoided the worry, the expenses, the treatments, the drugs?

What changes are you going to make TODAY?  Let good health and energy be your motivation. Don’t wait.

(Thanks to my “healthy teammates” for today’s topic!)



The Motivation (2013) –


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