The Dinner Party

I am so excited!  After having been stuck at 154-157 weight range for months on end (after losing 13 pounds early last year), I am happy to say that I finally broke 150 pounds!!  So it’s only 149.8, but I will take it.  I have been really trying to follow the McDougall Plan… it’s a whole foods, plant based diet, but more focused on starches and zero added oil.  I can’t quite get to zero, but I have been making a conscious effort to remove all added oil, and have increased my consumption of starch (mainly potatoes and rice).  I think we’re on to something here…  I definitely recommend it for anyone trying to get healthier and lose weight.  As a reminder, the McDougall Plan looks something like this:  (WFPB) starches + veggies + fruits – added oil.


Tonight, I am making a vegan dinner for some friends who are interested but perhaps a bit skeptical that food can be healthy AND delicious!  I’ve selected an Italian theme:  White Wine Risotto with Peas & Shiitake Bacon, as well as Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Penne, both from “Isa Does It”.  A salad with a citrus vinaigrette and some Italian bread.  For dessert: peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies and vegan pumpkin pie.  The pie is a new recipe, so I’ll let you know how that goes… the filling tasted great before I baked it, so I’m hoping it’s awesome…I’ve include the recipe link below.  I used a regular crust, not the one in the recipe).  Add some wine and we’re all set! Here’s hoping they enjoy it. 🙂


The Dinner Party (1995) –


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