The Hot Potato

First, I need to tell you that my apple pie came out “awesome” (if I do say so myself)! And even if I did cheat by using store bought pie crust!  (I know, I know… processed foods, what was I thinking!?!)  I promise to make my crust from scratch next time.

Second, my sister-in-laws pierogies came out great!  I was quite impressed for a first-timer. She may just get this gig full time, if she’s not careful. Mom would be really proud of us both.

Third, I forgot to include the name of the song in yesterday’s blog.  It’s call “Soverign Over Us” by Aaron Keyes.


I had previously mentioned that I started reading “The Starch Solution” (John McDougall MD) the other day.  I didn’t get very far yet, but the early message is that starch is good for you.  I like how he called starches “clean-burning fuel”… think of the athletes you know who eat starches before a big race.  And I think it’s important that he purposely talks about starches and not carbohydrates.  Everyone knows what a starch looks like but may not always understand when you talk about carbs or proteins.  The poor potato has gotten a bad rap over the years, but according to this book, potatoes and sweet potatoes are “complete foods”…meaning they “meet all your basic nutritional needs with the exception of vitamin B12.”  That’s pretty impressive for a little potato, made out to be the devil in some diets.  I mean, you certainly can’t go topping it with butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon and still think it’s healthy.  But by itself, or some healthy toppings, it’s all good!

I will tell you that in the 3 days I spent in California, eating gobs of healthy food ’til bursting, I lost 3 pounds…  Hmmm…  Maybe we’re on to something here…


The Hot Potato (2011) –


4 thoughts on “The Hot Potato

  1. Michele,

    I agree about the potato. I’ve never stopped eating them. We order them out when we have breakfast in place of the fried potatoes and they work out great. We use the juice from the eggs and some salt and pepper to flavor and they are awesome. Not to mention, I have read where full fat sour cream is not a bad thing either. For so long the full fat anything has gotten such a bad rap and I am reading that all of it is NOT bad for you afterall.

    Glad your pie came out. Yes, make it from scratch with wheat flour or coconut flour.

    • Hi Gina! I was going to try the “from scratch” crust with whole wheat flour. Do you just substitute 1 for 1?
      I have been trying to eliminate all animal based foods… trying to get totally vegan… so I don’t do eggs. Occasionally, I will use a smidgeon of sour cream. 🙂 You are right about the full fat, though. I think it too gets a bad rap in favor of the low fat versions, which I don’t think are very good. Too much messing with Mother Nature!

      • Michele,
        It’s been a while since I’ve made a pie but I think the measurements should be close but I remember wheat flour being dryer and needing more fat and water. My grama never had a recipe anyhow. She used to swear that the day had more to do with how much of everything she made. If I remember right, I would say she used about a cup or a little less of the flour to about 1/3 cup of crisco. I am betting coconut oil would work well. Never have used it for that though. Then the REAL cold water to add as needed. Usually took 3 or 4 tb. (I think).
        OH yah, I forgot about the animal based foods. Never mind on that one.

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